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Why Use A Shipping Container Rental When Renovating Your Home

Why Rent a Shipping Container When Renovating Your Home?

Home renovations can be both very exciting and stressful at the same time. One thing is for sure, they represent a lot of work. All the renovation experts would agree that the best way to have a successful home remodel while alleviating some of the stress and work that come with it is to plan ahead.

Hiring a designer and a contractor, renting a garbage bin, asking for city permits, and buying the right amount of materials, these are a few things most people think about. However, if you are planning to stay in your home during your renovations and are already living in a tight space, where are you going to store your furniture and other items?

A shipping container for home renovation has been the life-saver many homeowners didn’t know they needed.

Why Rent a Storage Container?

A storage container for your home renovation can be the ultimate game-changer.

While you can make plans to move all your furniture into other rooms, this can be especially overwhelming and leaves you feeling stressed on a daily basis as you try to move around your home throughout the day.

Instead, give yourself the gift of peace of mind, less stress, and more space. With the help of a container rental, you’ll be able to accomplish your home projects quickly and effectively.

Still not sure if you need a shipping container rental?

Here are the 6 most important benefits of using a container for storage during your home renovation:

  1. It saves time you’d otherwise spend moving furniture around your home to make way for projects, which is especially useful for renos of an entire floor!
  2. You don’t have to sacrifice your basement, garage, or any other room in your house.
  3. It keeps your furniture and other valuables away from dust, spills, and potential damage.
  4. Quit searching for things mid-reno! Containers can be rented with shelving units to better organize your belongings during the renovation.
  5. It provides peace of mind as the secured waterproof container keeps your belongings safe on your property and not in a public rental facility.
  6. Store items on your own terms! You can load it and unload it at your own pace, saving you the stress of tight rental timelines combined with changing renovation needs.

Plus, you won’t be stuck with just one option – instead, you can choose the shipping container rental that suits your needs and budget.

container rental and home renovation

Container Rental Sizes and Capacity

Renting a shipping container doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with just one option. There are two container sizes available for rent depending on the size of your home and project. The estimated capacities below will help you pick the right container size for your storage needs.

  • A 20-foot container has space to store items from a 3 bedroom house
  • A 10-foot container has space to store items from a 1 bedroom house (plus a bit more!)

Permits and Regulations

Before renting a storage container for your home renovation, make sure to check with your city first to see if you can have one on your property. If you can, ask how long you are allowed to keep the container on your property and if there are any other regulations you should be aware of. Since each city has its own regulations and because each project is unique, it is impossible for us to make a list that could apply to every situation.

For those of you who live in a condo or townhouse, in addition to checking with the city, make sure you have permission from the homeowners’ association before renting your storage container. Again, plan ahead and try to find out any potential problems that could arise and affect the rental of your container and the delivery of your project.

Learn more about permits and regulations and shipping containers

Where to Rent a Storage Container?

If you are considering a storage container rental for your upcoming home renovation, we can help. Conterm has been offering container rental services since 1972. We have shipping containers for rent in a variety of dimensions and can provide additional storage equipment like shelving units as per your specific storage needs. Contact us to get more information about our container rental services!

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