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Shipping Container For Storage Permits And City Regulations

What You Need to Know About Shipping Container Permits and City Regulations

Can you have a shipping container on your property?

If you’re looking for a shipping container, it’s likely that you’re already in need of one, especially if you’re using the shipping container as a shipping container office or as a storage container. But, before you jump into committing to a container rental or to buying a shipping container it’s important that you check with your city before installing a shipping container on your property.

Shipping Container Permits

Do you need a building permit for a shipping container?

Yes. There are a few things you need to know when looking to get a shipping container permit. It’s important to recognize that every individual city has separate rules, which means that there is a good chance that each city’s regulations and requirements are different – make sure you seek out information for your specific municipality as you make a decision on whether you will buy a shipping container or look for a container rental.

There is a difference in the permits required depending on whether you are buying or renting the shipping container. Here’s what you need to know:


This category applies to you if you are using the shipping container for a construction site or using a container for temporary storage. These are often still subject to specific building permit regulations and documents to supply:

  • Detailed site plan where the shipping container will be placed
  • Layout of shipping container interior whether it is a rental or owned
  • List of materials to be stored in the storage container
  • Separate electrical permits required
  • If it is a shipping container office, then a man door is required.
  • Some cities even have location and colour requirements.


If a shipping container is going to be used as a permanent structure, this then changes how the container is permitted, leaving your project subject to zoning and building permit regulations. Requirements under this category can include:

  • Property zoning, which influences where you are able to install your shipping container, based on what already exists in your city.
  • Building codes and permits, which means you need to provide evidence that the shipping container offices or on-site storage containers are compliant with building code requirements.
  • Mobile, modular, and manufactured building codes. Each of these types of residences requires different building standards to be met, so you will need to know what yours qualifies as and find out the permits specific to that residence type.

Got Your Shipping Container Permits?  Now the Easy Part

Shipping containers are the perfect solution for extra storage, as a mobile shipping container office space, or an unconventional residential retreat. They are, however, subject to certain city regulations. Once you have confirmed with your city that you can install a container on your property or construction site, it’s time to buy or rent the best shipping container for your purposes.

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