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Events Shipping Containers

Conterm provides secure and innovative solutions for corporate events and outdoor festivals. We can modify your shipping container to according to your specific needs, desired user interactions and brand requirements.

We provide interesting solutions to enable you to bring the stage, merchant booths, lounge areas, ticket offices and more to numerous types of venues and events.

Shipping containers can be modified into numerous applications including: information kiosk, ticket office,  welcome stand,  shelter,  restaurant, bar, lounge, sound booth, restrooms, terrasses, mobile offices, onsite storage unit, and much more.

Benefits Of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers provide numerous additional benefits compared to traditional tents. One of the main advantages comes from the fact that containers are made of solid steel. This enables them to be highly modifiable, stackable and most importantly, they can be properly secured. When using solid shipping containers, the event organizers and merchants feel safe knowing their equipment, inventory, and merchandise is safe behind locked doors at night and protected in case of bad weather.

In addition, containers are portable. This enables you move your container from one location to another without having to completely dismantle everything and rebuild from scratch as is the case with simple tents.

Our metal modified event containers are robust, secured, customizable yet highly portable. If you have any questions about modified containers or event solutions, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about shipping containers and review your custom event solution needs.

Modified Containers For Events

For more pictures of modified containers for events, please visit our Facebook page.

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