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While most people associate shipping containers with shipping, the actual applications of shipping containers are vast and varied. From on-site offices to storage for retail, festivals gateways and perimeters or event solutions, sea containers offer extensive usage, beyond their original use for cargo. New shipping containers for sale are a great option for those looking for a pristine, long-lasting, easily securable foundation for a variety of projects.

Shipping containers can benefit your business in more ways than you imagine. Shipping containers are:

Shipping containers and adaptabilty


Their large internal sizes, combined with a compact shape make shipping containers completely adaptable to any space. Whether you have limited space or acres of land, you can stack them, place them end-to-end, or build a project exclusively in one container.

Shiping containers for sale and flexibility


Think storage, office, events, retail, restaurant, lodging, cinema, farming, gardening, and more. A quality new sea container for sale presents unlimited possibilities. The wide array of uses and potential benefits makes them a unique proposition for creating structures within your available space.

Shipping containes and Versatility


Made with solid steel, containers work with virtually any plan. Use a new sea container to store valuables, move between homes, or construct a new office. When it comes to customizing new shipping containers for sale, the sky’s the limit.

At Conterm, we help you create your perfect shipping container. We offer many container modifications such as roll-up doors, windows, electricity, paint and decals etc. to suit your needs.

Visit our Container Modifications page to see a few of the countless customizations that we can make to new sea containers.

Basic Types of New Shipping Containers for Sale

Buying a new shipping container can be challenging due to the numerous sizes, types, and modification possibilities that it offers. We can help you narrow down your options by defining the most common size options:

8 foot shipping containers for sale

10-Foot Standard

The 10’ standard is your basic shipping container. This size is best for those looking to ship small quantities or keep a container on a smaller tract of land. Some of the bigger sizes may be too heavy or too large for many spaces, making the 10’ a smaller and more affordable option.

Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

20-Foot Standard

The 20’ standard is a good choice for moderate uses, offering twice the length of the 10’, with a few more possible uses. This size is ideal for large storage requirements or for creating smaller builds or office spaces.

Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

40-Foot Standard

The 40’ standard is the longest new sea container available for sale, designed to store the equivalent of a two- to three-bedroom apartment. This size is useful for transporting oversized materials or building stores, homes, or workspaces that require a lot of horizontal space.

Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

40-Foot-High Cube

The 40’ high cube is the same as the 40’ standard in all aspects except for the additional height. This size is ideal for tall constructions or projects which require an open or large space to build in. The 40’ high cube is well-suited for restaurant spaces, ‘large’ tiny homes, or portable studios, all applications that would do well with a higher ceiling height.

Why Buy a New Shipping Container from Conterm

Conterm is a leading supplier of new shipping containers for sale in Canada, with years of experience serving a diverse set of clients. From off-the-shelf solutions to custom creations, we sell a variety of new and used shipping containers.

Purchasing a new shipping container from us comes with a promise of competitive prices and superior quality. With decades of experience in this field, we are confident of designing the perfect container modification solutions to address your new shipping container customization needs.

At Conterm, we understand that looking for new sea containers for sale can be tedious and time consuming. However, our knowledgeable teams can help you in all aspects of your container buying or customization journey.

Looking for new shipping containers for sale? Call us or request a free quote. We serve customers across Montreal, Cornwall, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Trois-Rivières looking for new shipping containers for sale. We also offer shipping container rental for those looking for a temporary solution.

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