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The modern shipping container is not just a shipping container. Yes, coming in standard sizes with sturdy construction and lots of space for goods, they do serve the shipping function remarkably well, whether it is freight transportation by ship, air, train or truck. But when it comes to shipping containers for sale in Laval, Conterm offers extraordinary solutions. Our new and used containers – coming in standard 10-, 20-, and 40-foot sizes – are available as buy or rent options and have multiple uses.

These Laval shipping containers can be used for temporary and semi-permanent storage solutions and can be modified endless ways to serve as:

  • Tiny homes
  • Offices
  • Ticket booths
  • Kiosks
  • Workshops
  • Studios
  • Exercise studios
  • Rental accommodations
  • Diners
  • Emergency shelters
  • Kid playrooms
  • Car garages
  • Sheds
  • Campers
  • Laboratories
  • And more!
Modified container - office

Laval Shipping Containers Are Strong and Safe
8 foot shipping containers for sale

Whether used for shipping, storage or something else, Conterm’s Laval shipping containers for sale and rent offer many advantages. They are watertight and weather resistant, keeping all contents safe and dry. The sturdy, heavy-duty steel construction will keep your possessions safe from burglars, vandals, or intruders.

Containers by their nature are extremely portable. So, with a basic tilt-and-load truck, you can easily switch the location of your container to something close by or far away.

Laval Shipping Containers Can Be Modified to Your Needs

Shipping containers are highly customizable to your unique needs, desired applications, and even brand requirements. Our highly specialized and skilled team of concept designers, welders, and builders can transform any shipping container into a structure that suits your specific project.

These container modifications can include:

  • Roll-up doors
  • Windows, skylights & patio doors
  • Garage doors
  • Man doors
  • Partitions (with separate outside doors for the partitions)
  • Electrical (upping its utility to full-size container office, pop-up kiosk, or store)
  • Shelving & racking
  • Paint & decals (branding for a specific event or project)

Shipping containers can be used together. Join two, for example, to create a garage with enough space to accommodate full-size cars, boats, trucks, trailers, and much more. Learn more about our Modified Shipping Container division.

Modified container - custom-projects-1Custom Event Solutions for Shipping Containers in Laval

Every year, we are the modified container provider for high-profile events in Quebec, including the Montreal Jazz Festival, F1 Grand Prix, Les Francofolies, Osheaga music festival, and many others that contribute to Laval and Quebec’s reputation of hosting international events.

Conterm steel containers can be modified to serve as information kiosks, ticket offices, welcome stands, shelters, restaurants, bars, lounges, sound booths, restrooms, terraces, mobile offices, walls, or even as secure storage units.

Whether a customer is a municipality looking for customized storage for staff, a corporation that wants branded, flexible, portable storage, an event manager or designer hoping to create something unique and memorable for participants or a B&B owner who wants to add extra sleeping quarters, Conterm can help find a cost-effective, high-quality solution.

Outstanding Service for Laval Shipping Container Customers

In business for more than 35 years, we have become Eastern Canada’s premier supplier of container rentals, mobile office rentals, custom containers, and shipping containers in Laval and beyond.

Through our container depot in Montreal, we can deliver our units directly to a customer’s premises, with rapid delivery options throughout Québec and Eastern Ontario. Our 10-, 20-, and 40-foot containers can satisfy all your storage requirements. You can learn more about the various dimensions, weights, and volumes of our shipping containers here.

Whether you want to buy a container, rent one for a long or short term or rent with buying as an option, our flexible arrangements can be tailored to your needs.

And of course, your container can be new, used, refurbished, or modified as you wish.

The prices of our containers are determined by the fluctuating market price and also by factors that include age, container type, condition, modifications required, and delivery costs. That said, we always do our best to offer the most competitive prices around.

The Laval Shipping Container Professionals

Shipping-ContainersIf you have questions about shipping containers for sale in Laval, shipping containers for rent, or modified shipping containers, we invite you to contact us today.

In business since 1972, Conterm is dedicated to employing knowledgeable and highly professional staff, including senior management with more than two decades of experience in the container industry, inspectors, welders, project managers, repairmen, and administrative and sales staff.

We would be happy to help you with all your needs for shipping containers in Laval.

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