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Modified Container - Restaurants-1
Modified Container - Restaurants-1
Modified Container - Restaurants-2
Modified Container - Restaurants-3
Modified Container - Restaurants-4
Modified Container - Restaurants-5
Modified Container - Restaurants-6
Modified Container - Restaurants-7
Modified Container - Restaurants-8
Modified Container - Restaurants-1Modified Container - Restaurants-2Modified Container - Restaurants-3Modified Container - Restaurants-4Modified Container - Restaurants-5Modified Container - Restaurants-6Modified Container - Restaurants-7Modified Container - Restaurants-8


Shipping containers can be modified to accommodate a pop-up restaurant, café or bar. Because containers are modular and stackable, you can create unique structures and multi-level experiences for your customers. You can add multiple containers together to enhance not only the practical aspect, but the visual aspect as well.

For example, you can have a customer lounge in our container and a rooftop terrace in another. We can help you modify your container by opening up the side walls so that you can install your counters and serve your customers.

Shipping containers also offer a lot more room than a compact food truck making it easier for staff to not only cook and serve your food, but keep it clean both inside and out.


  • Bigger and easier to maintain than food trucks
  • Easy to customize to fit your own equipment and counters
  • Fast to set up and simple to close overnight
  • Keep your equipment secured


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