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Conterm offers new and used 40-foot shipping containers for sale. A 40 ft shipping container offers much more space than a 10 ft or 20 ft shipping container and can be used for many different applications. Made of Corten steel, its sturdy structure is designed to be durable with higher rustproof qualities and to handle the toughest weather conditions. In addition, 40-foot shipping containers are economical and environmentally friendly.

We offer both standard 40-foot shipping containers and high-cube 40-foot shipping containers to better meet our customers’ needs.


  • New and used options available
  • Made of CORTEN anti-corrosive steel 
  • Marine grade plywood of 19 plies, 1.1″ (28mm) of bamboo flooring
  • 4 weatherproof vents
  • Locking bars with door locking handles
  • Forklift pockets
  • Secure lockbox
40 ft shipping container dimensions

40 ft Shipping Container Dimensions

40′ Standard Shipping Container Dimensions

  • Exterior: 40′0″ L x 8′0″ W x 8′6″ H
  • Interior: 39′5″ L x 7′8″ W x 7′10″ H 
  • Weight: 7,935 lbs.
  • Payload: 59,265 lbs.

40′ High Cube Shipping Container Dimensions

  • Exterior: 40′0″ L x 8′0″ W x 9′6″ H
  • Interior: 39′5″ L x 7′8″ W x 8′10″ H 
  • Weight: 8,575 lbs.
  • Payload: 58,625 lbs.

Would you prefer something smaller? Visit our 10 ft shipping container for sale and 20 ft shipping container for sale pages.

Tell us about your project and we’ll find the best shipping container for your application!

Modified 40-foot shipping container

Available Modifications

Shipping containers are being used in many different ways today. Transform any shipping container into a structure that truly fits your needs. Add different entry points and amenities and have it painted the way you want it. Our team can custom-design your shipping container to make it work for you. Below are some modifications we can do for you.

Potential Applications

Shipping containers aren’t only being used for intermodal cargo transportation. A 40 ft shipping container for sale has many applications, for both residential and commercial use. Talk to us about your project, we’ll help you make it happen. Here are some examples of applications to inspire you.

40 ft shipping container - event solution

About Shipping Container Structure



Shipping containers are graded by condition. New containers have only been used once, while cargo-worthy used containers are usually less than 10 years old. Wind and watertight containers are structurally sound, even with a few dents which is not the case with as-is containers.


Corten Steel

Corten steel is a steel alloy designed for outdoor applications. Corten steel shipping containers are therefore designed to withstand the weather and elements without the need for painting.



Shipping containers of all sizes have marine-grade flooring that can withstand almost 10 tons of payload. This sturdy flooring is treated to withstand many different contaminants that could spill during shipping.



Shipping containers typically come with two doors on one end that open to the outside. These doors are sealed with a 2-stage EPDM rubber to withstand temperatures from -100 °C to +300 °C.



The containers have many features that make them easier to handle and move. In addition to having lifting points at each top corner, they also have forklift pockets for easy loading and unloading.



Each container must meet international safety standards and is designed to protect valuable cargo between ports. Shipping containers have locking bar handles, door seals, and weatherproof vents.

Why Choose Conterm for Your Shipping Container?

Conterm provides a variety of 40 ft shipping containers for sale, including standard and high cube options. Our inventory includes containers of all grades and conditions. Our team of experienced professionals has decades of experience building custom projects for clients in the greater Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, and Cornwall areas. For those who need a temporary solution, we also offer shipping container rentals. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FAQ About 40′ Shipping Containers for Sale

What is the main difference between a 40 ft standard and a 40 ft high cube shipping container?

A 40-foot high cube shipping container and a standard 40-foot shipping container differ mainly in their height. The former is one foot taller, offering more space for cargo. Additionally, the doors of the high cube container are also one foot higher than those of the standard container, making loading and unloading more convenient for larger items. With increased height and volume, a high cube container is an ideal option for larger storage needs, but also for projects where greater height clearance is required as is the case with container homes.

How many square feet is a standard 40 ft shipping container?

A standard 40 ft shipping container is 300 square feet. Empty, it weighs just under 2 tons. Fully loaded, it can hold up to 29 tons. In a standard container, you can fit about 400 mattresses or 3 to 4 cars.

How much does a 40 ft shipping container cost?

A 40 ft shipping container doesn’t cost twice as much as a 20 ft shipping container. Just as with 10′ and 20′ shipping containers, the price of a 40′ shipping container will vary greatly depending on the condition of the container and the modifications required. Contact us to discuss your needs and get a price.

What is a 40 ft one-trip shipping container?

Shipping containers are graded on condition. A one-trip container has made one trip across the ocean, so it is almost in new condition. This container is the highest grade possible of used containers. If you’re using a shipping container as a retail office or home, this shipping container is appropriate, because it won’t have dents, rust, marks, or stains. Visit our page Shipping Container Grades and Conditions to get more information.

How much space do you need for a 40′ shipping container delivery?

40 ft shipping containers are versatile, but they do require a large space for delivery. You will need at least 100 ft of straight, fairly level ground that is 12 feet wide. You will also need at least 20 feet of overhead clearance. Our team can help you assess whether your space has enough clearance to receive a 40 ft shipping container.

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