FACEBOOK FRAUD WARNING - Please be aware that individuals are currently using our identity to fraudulently sell shipping containers on Facebook and Kijiji. Learn more
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Shipping Container Fraud Alert Facebook Kijiji

FRAUD ALERT Shipping Containers for Sale on Facebook Marketplace!

Dear Customers,

FRAUD ALERT Shipping Containers for Sale Facebook Marketplace!

Please be advised that one or more individuals are currently using Conterm information to fraudulently advertise shipping containers for sale at low prices on Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji.

These individuals are using our logo to create false bid documents and invoices. They request a money transfer and once the transfer is made, they disappear. We ask you to be vigilant with any purchase of shipping containers on Marketplace and sites like Kijiji and to contact us if you are unsure.

Fraudsters are trying to take advantage of the global container shortage to lure buyers with ridiculously low prices and steal their money. Read this article from CBC News about this scam that is happening across Canada.

To avoid being scammed, have a look at the following article we wrote on the topic: Top 10 Tips to Avoid A Shipping Container Scam


The Conterm Team

*Below is a copy of the fake invoice the scammers are using

facebook fraud



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