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Conterm sells several types of used shipping containers. A used container has the advantage of being less expensive than a new container and its price will vary based on its condition. Built to last from solid steel, used containers offer the same durability as new ones and can be incredibly useful in applications where aesthetics are not the most important aspect. As with new shipping containers, used shipping containers can be used to:

  • Store excess inventory
  • Store furniture and goods during major renovations
  • Move furniture between houses
  • Act as a secure office or storage facility on construction sites
  • Create a workshop
  • Storage of supplies for special events

In short,  there are tons of creative ways for utilizing used containers.

Choosing a Used Shipping Container

Built to last from solid steel, used shipping containers generally offer the same durability as new containers. However, before purchasing a used container, it is important to set a budget and determine your needs in order to select the right category of container and features for you.

It is important to know that the price of a used container is based on:

  • Its current grading and condition
  • Its age
  • Its dimensions
  • The modifications already done to the container
  • The delivery method

Therefore, there is no fixed price for used containers. On the contrary, prices change frequently to adapt to market conditions and the general condition of the used shipping container for sale.

Regarding the condition of the used shipping container, four sea container grades determine the level of damage to the container. New “One-Trip”, Cargo-Worthy (CWO), WWT (Wind and Watertight) and “As-is”. The “One-Trip” graded containers are more aesthetically pleasing and considered practically new. However, you can get the same strength, structural integrity and flexibility with the “CWO” or “WWT” graded containers. Minor damages, such as scuffs or dents will not come in the way of your planned container use. However, for ‘As-is’ graded containers, if there are heavy rotting, rusting, or missing sections of steel, then you may need to weigh your options carefully.

Types and Sizes of Used Containers

In addition to the four different quality grades, Conterm offers used shipping containers in a variety of types and sizes. Since our inventory constantly varies, please feel free to contact us to check what we have available.

Here are some aspects to consider while looking for a used shipping container for sale:


There are four major sizes of shipping containers, ranging from the 10-foot standard to the 40-foot-high cube. While the 10-foot standard is a basic container that is ideal for those with limited space or a smaller budget, a 20-foot standard is the most common container used for cargo ships.

For those with bigger project uses, the 40-foot standard is the longest container we sell and is best for building shops, storing a large number of valuables, and other such uses. The 40-foot-high cube, the largest container available, is a great match for oversized storage requirements.

Used shipping containers for sale
Modified Containers

Entry Points

There are different types of entry points you will find in used shipping containers beside the standard two steel doors. If we don’t have what you need in our inventory, we can customize the container to your specific requirements.

Here are the most common types of entries for a container:

Other Modifications

In addition to choosing the sizes and entry points, you can make other modifications to the container, including:

Electrical: Add plugs and panels, heating and cooling systems, etc.

Partitions: Create specific utility sections within your container.

Shelving & Racking Systems: Optimize your space for storage or display purposes.

Paints & Decals: Choose custom paints and add decals for your specific events or projects.

Modified Container - Shelving

We can help you convert your used shipping containers to serve as an office space, a construction site facility, a workshop, storage for carnival or festival props, and more. Considering other potential modifications for a used shipping container? Feel free to contact us for any questions. Conterm sells used shipping containers across Quebec and Eastern Ontario. We sell used containers in the Cornwall, Montreal, Laval, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres, and Sherbrooke areas, to name a few.

Why Buy Used Shipping Containers from Conterm

As a leading supplier of shipping containers in Canada, Conterm has gained years of experience in selling and modifying used shipping containers. We carry an extensive selection of used and new shipping containers for sale to meet the varying demands of our multi-industry clients. When you come to us for a new or used shipping container, expect nothing less than the best prices and superior quality products.

Buying a container does not have to be complicated. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Conterm will assist you in finding the right used container for your needs. Whether you are planning on picking up and transporting your shipping container by yourself or need us to deliver it to you, our customer service team will ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

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