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Custom Event Solutions

Over the years, we created and modified unique shipping container applications for numerous events in and around Montreal. Maritime containers are ideal for custom event solutions. Shipping containers are made of steel, mobile and easily stackable.

We can add numerous modifications such as windows, roll-up doors, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems, paint and decal and much more. Shipping containers can be transformed to fit numerous applications such as mobile offices, ticket booths, storage solutions and pop-up kiosks.

Shipping Containers For Events

Here are some examples of custom event solutions we created using modified shipping containers.

Ticket Booths

Shipping containers can be transformed into fully functional stand-alone ticket booths.

Custom Event Containers - Ticket Booth
Custom Event Containers - Ticket Booth 2

Merchant Stands and Pop-up Kiosks

Event organiser can use modified shipping containers to provide merchant stands and pop-up kiosks for the numerous event participants and attendees.

Modified Container
Modified Container

Custom Event Storage Solutions

Metal shipping containers are the ideal solutions for secure, reliable and movable storage during events and outdoor festivals.

Modified container - storage
Modified Container - Paint and Decals

Stages And Additional Structures

Because of their very nature, shipping containers are easily stackable. This enables event organizer to use shipping containers to create truly unique experiences.

Modified containers - gateways-and-perimeters-10
Modified containers - Montreal F1

Lounges & Terraces

Shipping containers can be modified and transformed into a unique lounge area or even a roof terrace.

Modified container - restaurants-8
Modified container - custom-projects-5

If you have any questions about our custom event solutions using shipping containers, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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