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Modified Containers - Gateway And Perimeters

Gateways & Perimeters

Shipping containers can be used to create unique structures, gateways and perimeters. Because metal shipping containers are designed to be stackable, you can use these containers to create walls, buildings, multi-story structures, and much more.

Shipping containers come in standardized sizes of 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot. You can also modify your containers to create openings for windows, doors, lounges, offices, etc.

Structures from shipping containers can be designed and prepared ahead of time and then quickly assembled directly on site. Because these containers are made of solid steel, you can design and create structures that are very solid to withstand adverse weather conditions.


  • Easy to stack and create unique structures
  • Solid and easy to manoeuvre and move around
  • Steel construction helps to withstand adverse weather
  • Structures can be high and wide


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