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Modified Containers - Roll-up-doors

Roll-up Doors

Roll-up doors provide an easy access to your goods and merchandise. Roll-up doors enable you to quickly secure the entrance to your container. Once rolled up, these doors are safely stored above the door and provide more space to move around. We can modify your shipping containers to add one or multiple roll-up doors. These doors can be located on all four vertical sides of the container.

In addition, roll-up doors are very practical when you partition your container to multiple smaller units. For example, you can divide you container in 3 or 4 smaller parts and have a separate roll-up door for each one. This way, you can securely partition your shipping container and store different types of goods and merchandise in each one. You can also allow different people to have to access these separate compartments. This can be an ideal storage solution for businesses and remote locations.


  • Add one or many roll-up doors
  • Steel roll-up doors are ideal for storage
  • Weather resistant
  • Numerous sizes and dimensions


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