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Shipping Container Applications

Shipping contianers provide an ideal solution for a diverse set of interesting applications. Over the years, we had the pleasure to sell shipping containers, storage containers and modified containers to a diverse group of clients. Both our new and used shipping containers are often used for storage by a variety of clients including shipping companies, storage operators as well as individuals looking for a safe and secure storage options.

The shipping containers are made of non-corrosion steel and are thus safe and vandal proof. You can securely store a variety of products in this storage container including industrial products and equipment, security storage and farm equipment among many other uses.

Our metal containers can also function as an instant warehouse.

We can transform your shipping containers and make it fit numerous applications:

By their very nature, shipping containers are robust and solid.  They are not only water resistant but hurricane, earthquake, tornado and fire proof; making the purchase of a steel storage container ideal for someone who will be leaving the container outside. Whatever is inside your storage container will stay dry and undamaged and all storage containers are weather resistant.

Conterm’s shipping containers can meet a multitude of needs and be adapted to many types of projects. The great number of modifications they allow makes them the perfect structure, whatever use you wish to make of them.

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