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Modified Container - Pop-up-kiosks

Pop-Up Kiosks

Containers are the perfect solutions for custom made pop-up kiosks and merchant booths. The shipping containers are highly customizable with windows, doors, electrical options, and heating and cooling. We can paint and decal your modified container to fit with your overall brand requirements.

One of the benefits of using shipping containers for pop-up kiosks and merchant stands is the solid steel frame and construction of the containers. They are very robust and secure. You can easily store everything in the container overnight and securely lock it to prevent theft and break-ins.

Another important advantage of shipping containers for merchants is the fact that containers are highly portable and movable. We can quickly deliver your modified container to the required destination. After the event or the show, you can pack everything into the container and have us move it to another place.


  • Ground level entrance to customers
  • Easily and quickly secure your merchandize and tools overnight
  • Easy to move from one location to another
  • Highly customizable from the inside and outside


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