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Shipping containers for sale in CornwallShipping containers for sale in Cornwall from Conterm Containers. At first glance, shipping containers may seem like a boring necessity. Engines of commerce depend on these durable steel crates to ship cargo worldwide via plane, train, boat, and truck.

These standardized, stackable containers save time and money by not requiring goods to be packed, unloaded, and repacked as they move from one mode of transportation to the next, as once was required. And yes, they are sturdy, durable, weather resistant, and secure.

For all of those qualities and assets, shipping containers are commanding such interest outside of manufacturing industries. The same characteristics that make them reliable shipping vessels are opening them up to a wide variety of uses, ranging from pop-up restaurants to tiny homes to car garages.

Conterm can help find your ideal shipping containers for sale in Cornwall. We also ship containers for sale and rent through our container depot in Montréal.

Numerous Shipping Containers Options

Our new, used, and refurbished shipping containers for sale or rent come in three standard sizes: 10-, 20-, and 40-foot lengths, plus we have a 40-foot High Cube, with more vertical space for extra storage.

The shipping containers can also be used as temporary and semi-permanent storage units. Plus, the highly specialized and skilled team of concept designers, welders, and builders in our  teamodified shipping containers team can transform any shipping container into a unique structure that suits your specific requirements, which can include:

  • Garages and workshops – versatile spaces that can be customized for personal or professional uses.
  • Tiny homes – the trend to minimal living spaces has made container homes attractive to many people, with the possibility of stacking containers or placing them end to end for more space.
  • Industrial enclosures – if you have an industrial operation in a remote location, a shipping container can be outfitted with shelves, walls, and racks to make for secure overnight storage.
  • Schools – in parts of the world where it is not possible to build traditional schools, shipping containers are filling the void, often modified with windows, doors, air conditioning, and other essential features.
  • Portable toilets – shipping containers provide more privacy, space, and comfort than typical portable toilets.
  • Mobile medical units – in developing medical situations, shipping container medical units enable medical staff to provide emergency mobile services in the field, helping people in need quickly and efficiently.
  • Swimming pools – no need to dig your backyard to construct a pool. Shipping containers are the right length and depth for a pool.
  • And the list goes on!

Custom Event Solutions Using Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers Event SolutionsEach year, Conterm is proud to provide custom event solutions for international events hosted in Canada. These include the Montréal Jazz Festival, the F1 Grand Prix, Les Francofolies, Osheaga, and many other signature events.

During these events, our shipping containers are modified for use as information kiosks, ticket offices,  welcome stands,  shelters,  restaurants, bars, lounges, sound booths, restrooms, terraces, mobile offices, onsite storage units, and much more.

Shipping containers provide many benefits over traditional tents. Their solid-steel construction makes them secure (keeping valuable equipment and merchandise safe), and they are easily modified and stacked. The containers are also portable, so you don’t have to dismantle and rebuild things as you must do with tents.

Shipping Containers for Sale in Cornwall

Modified Container - Paint and DecalsWhen looking for a shipping container, people often wonder whether to purchase a shipping container or to rent one. The decision to buy or rent a shipping container depends on a few different factors.

Size reassessment is one major consideration. Often, we think we need more storage space than we really do. So if you rent a 20-foot container, it’s easy to downsize to 10 feet (or up it to 40 feet if you actually need more).

If you need a container for short-term use, then renting is fine. For long-term use, you might want to consider buying.

If you want to modify the unit for specialized use, then buying a shipping container is the way to go. Furthermore, buying a container means that you can just ship it ahead to the next destination where you’ll use it, as opposed to returning it to its place of origin.

With Conterm, you also have the choice of new, used, and refurbished shipping containers. If you are just using the container for storage, then used or refurbished may be your choice. But if the appearance of the container is important in your use – say, as a sales office or other place of business – then you would want to go with new. While our older units are kept in good condition, they are not as pristine as new ones.

If you have a question about shipping containers for sale in Cornwall, shipping containers for rent, or modified shipping containers, please contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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