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Shipping Container For Marketing Events

Why Shipping Containers Are a Good Idea for Your Marketing Event

Experiential marketing calls for unique solutions to create unexpected experiences for your customers. Shipping containers are becoming more popular alternatives for event setup thanks to their versatility and mobility.

You can use them in several ways from a simple backdrop that is ultra-modern and edgy, to display cases and from pop-up shops to venues. Here we look at why shipping containers are a good idea for your next marketing event.

What is Experiential Marketing?

Experiential marketing creates unique face-to-face events designed to raise brand awareness. It allows brands to connect with their customers in meaningful ways to promote customer loyalty. By creating a unique physical space brands can offer memorable experiences.

How to Use Shipping Containers for Experiential Marketing?

Shipping containers are ideal for experiential marketing events as they allow marketers to easily deliver stages, merchant booths, lounge areas, ticket offices and more to the event.

Because they can be modified with endless possibilities, the applications for use of the containers can create a specific venue just about anywhere or be used to complement the venue you choose for your event. Some common uses include:

The use of the shipping container is limited only by your marketing team’s imagination.


Why Shipping Containers are Ideal for Marketing Events

Sea containers are an affordable option that can be used again and again. They are easy to transport, set up and take down at events allowing your events team to focus on making connections with attendees.

You custom design the containers to suit your needs as a one-time investment that continues to pay off year after year. They allow you to successfully attract customers rain or shine, providing an open concept on sunny days, and shelter from the rain. They can be front and center at your event, or simply provide a backdrop, storage or an office for staff.

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container For Experiential Marketing

Shipping containers for marketing events offer many benefits including:

Easy To Set Up and Take Down

Unlike cumbersome tents or other types of booths or stages, a shipping container is a self-contained unit with doors. It is simply delivered to the site and your events team just needs to open the doors to start welcoming guests. Because they are so easy, you can send the bare minimum number of events people, so you aren’t paying extra for set up and tear down hours.


Shipping containers are available in various sizes and can be modified to suit your needs. They have an industrial appearance that is aesthetically pleasing to today’s consumers. The interior and exterior can be adapted to reflect your brand and the experience you want your customers to have.

You can transform the interior to become a pop-up shop with shelving and display cases, a gallery with lighting to create a unique installation, or a lounge with customized flooring, tables and furniture where people gather to chat. You design a fully branded pop-up event space unique to your brand ready to serve any purpose.

Shipping containers are even stackable, allowing you to play around with the sizes and layout to suit the site and the desired effect for the event. For larger sites, you can have them aligned side by side, while for tighter spaces they can be stacked.

Cost With Buy or Rental Options

Shipping containers are an excellent investment as they are customized with a one-time fee, and you can use them again and again. Like investing in property, they also maintain their value, and depending on the customization you can actually even make a profit if you decide to sell your container. If purchasing a container is not in your budget, you can also rent a shipping container for your events. They can be delivered to the venue and then picked up once the event is over.


If you do a circuit in the summer months such as music festivals, conferences, or even campuses in the fall or spring, your shipping container is completely mobile. It can be delivered just about anywhere following your team from location to location.

All-Weather Events Venue

Shipping containers are sound and weatherproof so can be used all year round. You never have to worry about rain or wind like you would with a standard or even high-end event tent. Instead, you have solid walls and a roof that is as protective and secure as a building.

What Types of Businesses Use Shipping Containers for Marketing Events?

The easy answer is just about any business. Small and major brands can use shipping containers for marketing including:

Igloofest 2017: Shipping containers played an important role at Igloofest in 2017. They were used not only for ticketing and various booths, but also as a perimeter around the venue and as a projection screen.

shipping container for marketing events

RBC: As part of the “Montréal en lumière” Festival, RBC in collaboration with Nordest Studio transformed a simple shipping container into a warm and welcoming chalet serving as a gathering place to warm up and enjoy musical performances.

RBC-Montreal en lumiere container

Air France: As part of the “Montréal complètement cirque” Festival, Air France transformed a container into a fun space to support their “France is in the Air” advertising campaign. In addition to being able to sit in it, it was possible to experience a playful moment in a swing accompanied by circus characters.

AirFrance "France is in the Air container

Coca-Cola: The “Personalize Your Coke” campaign rigged shipping containers with multiple vending machines where customers could personalize their sodas. They could type out their name or message and have the bottle created on the spot.

Coca-Cola Share a Coke experience container

Source: Coca-Cola Ireland

Bistro Plus: In order to introduce its gourmet food and cooking products to a new clientele, Bistro Plus used a maritime container transformed into a kitchen and store.

BistroPlus_foodie store and restaurant container

From financial institutions to soda brands and from sportswear to personal hygiene, the shipping container provides the ideal spot for experiential marketing events.

You can count on Conterm to help you build a unique experience that your customers will remember. We offer shipping container purchase and shipping container rental, as well as customization based on your specific needs, desired target customer interactions and brand requirements.

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