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Utilisation Conteneur Maritime Pour Entreposage

How Businesses Can Use Shipping Containers for Storage

Shipping containers offer an affordable storage option that’s ideal for a surprisingly broad range of applications. They are portable, secure, spacious, and weatherproof and can be modified to suit your specific needs. If you aren’t ready to invest in your own shipping container, you can also rent one. Here we explain how to use shipping containers for storage and who will benefit most from their use.

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Storage

Purchasing shipping containers for storage purposes provides a practical solution with many benefits, including:

  • Safe: A shipping container for storage is safe and secure, thanks to its sturdy steel construction. They can stand up to all Canadian weather, from the blistering heat and humidity of summer to the freezing temperatures and wide range of precipitation we experience throughout the year. Shipping container storage is very secure, protecting your assets from theft and vandalism, as well as pests like rodents and insects.
  • Portable: Shipping containers for storage can be transported from site to site. You can bring them wherever you go, ideal for pop-up events or straight-up storage for equipment and whatever else you need to bring along.
  • Spacious: Shipping container storage offers a portable solution that is actually quite spacious. Available in several sizes, you can choose between 10′, 20’ and 40’ long containers. Every square inch can be used whether you choose to add shelving or you pack your goods from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. You can keep containers on your own site if space allows or have them stored at other facilities. They are also safe to stack, so you can add storage space without requiring a larger “footprint.”
  • Modification: Shipping containers can be modified to suit your needs with electricity, heating, shelves, and climatization so you can store anything safely, including perishable items.
  • Rental Options: If you need temporary storage, there are just as many rental options as there are options to buy. Your container can be delivered to your site of choice or delivered, loaded, and taken to a secure storage facility until you need it.

Shipping container storage is a very adaptable option allowing you to get as creative as you like.

Who Can Use a Shipping Container for Storage?

Almost anyone can use a shipping container for storage. To help you better appreciate their usefulness, here is a brief list of companies, organizations and industries that can benefit from them.

Cities, Construction & Landscaping Companies

Cities, contractors and landscaping businesses can all benefit from a storage shipping container. When you are working at a job site where expensive machinery, materials, and tools are stored, the shipping container is a portable storage solution that is secure and weatherproof. Contractors can rent a shipping container for their construction project, have it delivered to their site and have it picked up after the project is completed.

Automotive Repair Shops

Automotive repair shops can use shipping containers to store specialized equipment, tools, excess inventory and parts while leaving more space in the shop for daily operations. For example, a shipping container is an ideal solution for seasonal storage like tires.

Conteneur maritime pour entreposage pour garage de mécanique automobile

Festival and Event Promoters

With pandemic restriction levels lifted, events and festivals are back. You can use shipping container storage for equipment, promotional materials, food and beverages, costumes, staff uniforms and personal belongings, signage, temporary fencing, and more.

Learn more bout the use of shipping containers for events


Retailers with excess inventory for special events and sales can stock up and have easy access to products, so customers are never disappointed. It is also an excellent, simple way to offload end-of-the-season items until next year without having to lug stock off to a warehouse somewhere. Your seasonal décor, as well as promotional signage, can also be easily stored in your container. Everything is secure, conveniently located, and protected from the elements until you need it again.

Read 10 Reasons to Use a Shipping Container for Pop-up Kiosks and Retail Shops for more information on how to leverage shipping containers for retail.

Tourism & Entertainment Industry

Canada has become a haven for movie and television production companies looking for distinct locations. With a large talent pool to hire for production teams, not to mention actors, these productions call for onsite storage for everything from costumes to set design items and from equipment to craft.

Businesses and organizations in the tourism industry can also make good use of shipping container storage. Whether it’s for storage of maintenance equipment or seasonal sports equipment, shipping containers are an excellent storage solution. They can also be used for temporary storage during special events.

Conteneur maritime pour industrie touristique et cinéma

Schools & Sports Teams

With growing populations, schools need to find more space for students and the equipment contributing to their education. For example, sports equipment can take up a lot of space with more students participating. A shipping container is an excellent storage solution on school grounds for PE equipment and school playground equipment. Sports teams can also use shipping container storage for equipment, uniforms, training gear, and more.

Hospitals and Retirement Homes

Another challenge in Canada we are seeing overcrowding in hospitals, healthcare facilities and retirement homes. Unfortunately, these facilities have limited land to expand. A shipping container for storage offers ample storage space for things such as medical supplies, medical equipment, landscaping equipment and more. Retirement homes can also use shipping containers to store seasonal equipment, decor and items for senior activities and special events.


Whether you are moving, renovating or just out of space, homeowners can also use shipping containers for storage. Because they are weatherproof and secure, you can feel confident storing your most cherished and valuable furniture and household items when your home is under renovation. They are ideal for seasonal landscaping equipment such as snowblowers and lawnmowers and equipment for your favourite activities like kayaks, canoes, bikes, hockey nets, and gardening equipment. For the car buffs and speed junkies out there, you can store your hobby vehicles until summer, whether it’s sports cars, muscle cars, or motorcycles.

Is a Shipping Container Good for Storage?

Yes! Shipping container storage is a portable, affordable, and effective storage solution ideal for commercial or personal use. They provide access to secure storage that is highly adaptable with customization options available. Your container can be delivered to your site for storage, or you can pack it up and ship it to an alternate location. The humble shipping container could be the answer to your storage needs whether you are staying put or tend to move around a lot. They are definitely worth looking into, whether you want to try them on for size with a rental container or buy one outright.

Conterm offers shipping containers for storage for rent and for sale. We have several sizes and types of containers available that we can modify to your needs. Tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you find the right container for you.

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