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Reasons To Use A Shipping Container For Pop-up Kiosks

10 Reasons to Use a Shipping Container for Pop-up Kiosks and Retail Shops

Providing exciting brand experiences requires an innovative approach to bringing your merchandise to your customers. The trend for pop-up kiosks and retail shops is suited not just for e-commerce retailers looking for a way to connect with their customers in person, but also to get your brand out to new communities to expand your reach. Here we look at 10 reasons you should use a shipping container for your pop-up kiosks and retail shops.

1. Explore New Markets with Mobile Shipping Containers

As a retailer, the ability to test new markets helps you make critical business decisions including:

  • Who your products appeal to most based on demographics
  • Where you might consider opening a permanent location
  • What products appeal to your ideal target
  • What new products sell best

These are just a few examples of the information you can tap into using mobile shipping containers as a solution for a pop-up store. Testing new markets provides valuable insights that help you make smarter, data-driven decisions to grow your brand.

2. Expand Your Reach

Because shipping containers are mobile you can expand your reach. Whether you choose to participate in events, try out new locations, or use experiential marketing tactics to grow your brand, mobile shipping containers provide a cost-effective way to be in the same places your customers tend to frequent.

3. Straddle E-Comm and Brick & Mortar

Although e-comm continues to gain ground as the preferred method of shopping thanks to the pandemic, people still love to touch, try on, test, and experience merchandise first hand. If you want an affordable way to straddle the e-comm and brick and mortar retail landscape, a shipping container is an ideal solution.

Not only is it affordable, but also works for both a permanent retail space and a mobile pop-up shop you can move from location to location. You also have your choice of customization and various container sizes to suit your needs. If you aren’t sure this solution is right for you, you can look for a shipping container for rent instead.

Shipping container for Experiential Marketing

4. Create Experiential Marketing Events

Experiential marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. It helps you create a buzz and unique experiences that resonate with your customers. Because shipping containers are completely customizable, you can design both the external and internal elements to maximize impact with minimum effort. Container pop-up kiosks are edgy and convenient allowing you to reach new customers while helping build brand loyalty by meeting customers on their own terms.

Creating an event around your pop-up locations is easy. You can hold a scavenger hunt with people posting hash-tagged selfies in front of your latest location. You can also have customers share hashtagged posts using, tasting, or wearing the merchandise they purchase at your pop-up. Of course, you can also offer giveaways, discounts, and buy-one-get-one promotions for customers who spot and post your latest pop-up kiosk location.

5. Adapt to Seasonal Realities

If you want to meet increased demand for your product during busy seasons such as Christmas, or seasonally driven items from fashion to cooking items for barbecue season, pop-up kiosks are the simple seasonal solution.

You can also use them to display your excess or end-of-season inventory in your parking lot or in another strategic location to help increase sales.

6. Access Tight Urban Centers

If you want to find an affordable way to sell your products in a tight urban center where retail space is both hard to find, and ultra-expensive, your shipping container retail shop is the ideal solution.

More neighbourhoods are interested in innovative solutions that bring people to their retail areas, promote local businesses, and stir up excitement as the next trendy place to be seen. Tiny shops are charming, edgy, and eco-friendly which appeals to today’s savvy shopper.

7. Become a Self-Contained Shop

No matter where you go, your inventory goes with you. This secure shop is a DIY dream allowing you to install shelving units that keep your inventory secure when you close up for the day, or when you shut down to move to the next location. It is a major time saver for event set up and tear down, allowing you to simply open the doors and be ready to serve your customers.

Pop up kiosk with shipping container

8. Replace the Promotional Pop Up Tent

If your business depends on the event circuit to sell your goods, a tent doesn’t offer the security or weatherproofing you need. With a shipping container, there’s no worry about inventory damage due to inclement weather, keeping your tent tied down in high winds, or even theft from people who can easily grab and run off with your inventory.

A shipping container is completely secure and rainproof, the perfect solution for your event participation. If the event spans several days, you simply lock up the container with your inventory safely inside at the end of the day. There is no more time-wasting, labour-intensive packing and unpacking or tedious tent assembly required.

9. Control Temperature for Year-Round Use

As mentioned above, your shipping container is completely weatherproof, including temperature control. You can completely insulate your shipping container and install heating and air conditioning to keep guests comfortable all year round. This allows you to take advantage of seasonal events such as Christmas shopping anywhere. It is also excellent for inventory that is better kept at warmer or cooler temperatures thanks to heating and air conditioning.

10. Expand Your Current Retail Space

Last but not least, if your property allows, you can easily and affordably expand your retail space by looking for a shipping container for sale. This can include either more floor space for your merchandise or increased inventory storage.

Instead of costly renovations and building costs to expand your shop, you can get a modified container based on your needs. In fact, modifications can be made at any time to meet changing needs.

For example, you might start out wanting more inventory space, and then decide to modify the container for use as retail space. You can also modify the container to be semi-permanent so if the opportunity arises to participate in an event, try out a new location, or create an experiential marketing opportunity, you can move the container to different locations.
Conterm’s team of experts can help you with all your pop-up kiosk needs. Learn more about shipping container modification services and contact us for more information.

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