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Container Rental Options

Container rental for your next construction project

Container rental solutions for your next job site. Conterm containers are an essential addition to the work site of your next construction project. Their features are as numerous as they are varied, and they meet all the construction sites requirements. At Conterm, we specialize in designing resistant and secure containers that are also mobile, waterproof, and modifiable. That means that with our containers on your construction site, you have units that offer you reliable, secure, and personalized solutions. That explains why, at Conterm, we count so many construction contractors among our loyal clients.

Container rental benefits for construction sites

Resistant and secure

Conterm containers are designed in a way that they can be placed on top of each other. Their resistance allows for their safe superposition to create a mini complex. Made from steel, Conterm shipping containers can also simply be placed side by side. By removing the partitions of each one of them, you can create an installation of any length to meet your specific needs. The sturdiness of Conterm containers is also linked to their security, which is a vital feature of construction site storage. The fact that they are steel-made will give you peace of mind, since their content will be securely stored, safe from wrongdoers.


As construction contractor well know, construction sites that are in progress are in constant motion. It is therefore necessary that all the on-site temporary installations be mobile. Conterm containers are not only fully movable, but they can also be carried without first being emptied. Nobody wants to waste their time emptying the containers of all the equipment and tools before moving them, especially knowing that you sometimes have to move them more than once. This is the reason why many construction contractors use Conterm containers on their construction site.


The storage of the equipment and tools used on the construction site must not only be secured and easy to move, but it must also remain safe from bad weather. Materiel used on construction sites is expensive and it is, in some cases, stored for long periods at a time. These two variables – economic and temporal – are critical when it comes to the security of construction site materiel, since they influence your choice of storage unit. Conterm containers are perfectly in line with these constraints since the steel of which they are made is non-corrosive. Construction contractors are therefore assured that the materiel they store in Conterm containers will remain dry and intact for the entire duration of their storage.


Conterm containers can be tailored for all construction sites and for all uses. They can in fact be made-to-measure and in a personalised manner for our clients, according to their needs. Our qualified team consists of concept designers, welders, and builders, who are pleased to create unique installations. Whatever your construction site needs, we can meet them perfectly. For example, if the buildings on your construction site are for sale, it is most likely that you will need a sales office. Our modified containers that we convert into mobile offices can be used as a sales office or as a construction site trailer. Their size can go from 8ft by 16ft to 12ft by 50ft. But if you need a different kind of unit, all you have to do is tell us about it and we will proceed to create it. We can configure and customize our modified containers in many different ways, like for example by adding doors, windows, partitions to create different rooms, steel-made sliding doors, and more.

Container rental in greater Montreal area

So, whatever your needs may be on your construction site, at Conterm, we can meet them. Our containers, which are made to measure from non-corrosive steel, will assure your peace of mind on your construction site. Being resistant and secure, our containers can be placed on top of each other or side by side to create unique structures tailored to your needs. They are also made to be moved from one location to another easily, which is essential on construction sites. Their waterproofness as well as their modifiability allow you to benefit on your construction site from personalized units and at the same time be assured that their content will without a doubt remain safe from bad weather.

If you have any questions about Conterm container rental solutions or Conterm in general, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions.

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