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Shipping Containers Used For Events

12 Ways to Use Shipping Containers for Events

Shipping containers offer a durable, highly adaptable, portable, and secure structure. Because they can be structurally and aesthetically modified to meet specific needs, they are perfect for the diverse needs of events like festivals, outdoor shows and more. Here we look at 12 ways that vendors, promoters and event planners can use shipping containers as the ultimate event solution. Go ahead and discover all the benefits of using shipping containers for events.

1. Ticket Booth, Information Kiosk, Office

shipping container ticketing _ information kiosk

All events require a headquarters and structures for basic functions such as ticket booths, information kiosks, and an office for staff, security, and site management. Shipping container modifications offer customization to adapt to any purpose.

For example, container cutouts allow event staff to interact with attendees, whether it is to take or sell tickets or to offer information to new arrivals looking for a specific participant or event attraction.

A fully customized office container complete with insulation, power, doors, and windows provides a portable, fully mobile office for staff, security, and management easily transported from event site to event site.

2. Stages

Shipping container stage

Music festivals and events featuring live shows, speakers and demonstrations use shipping containers as an easy-to-set-up stage. Containers are not only convenient but also offer cover overhead when the weather doesn’t cooperate. They can be painted and branded, making them ideal for sponsored events. They are also completely portable, so they are quickly installed and “torn down,” ready for delivery to the next event location. The pop-up stage makes it easy to showcase all forms of entertainment, from concerts to educational demonstrations.

3. Perimeters

Shipping container for events - perimeters

Stackable shipping containers can be used to create perimeters for events, providing a substantial “wall” installation much sturdier than rental fences. This is especially effective at events where there are different levels of access. For high-ticket events, the container is also an effective, solid structure offering privacy and security for guests. Also, the containers don’t have to simply serve as walls. Customization and easy setup allow you to get creative, so your containers serve dual purposes, creating a wall on one side and an interactive experience on the other such as VIP lounges, stages, merchandising kiosks, event activations, etc.

4. Structures

Shipping container projection structure

Today’s events depend on technology to create exciting, immersive experiences for attendees. Shipping containers can be set up to create interesting structures making ideal backdrops and “screens” for projections such as movies, video, or lighting displays.

5. Merchant Stand & Pop-Up Kiosks

Shipping containers used for events

Festivals and events help generate money by renting out space to vendors. Whether you are a vendor or event planner, sea cans offer an affordable, portable, and highly customizable structure ideal for merchant stands/pop-up kiosks. They can be outfitted with shelving and customized to represent your brand. Instead of struggling with tent or booth setup, the container is ready to go and is also far more stable to stand up to inclement weather. Your merchandise remains secure, dry, and presentable. All you have to do is “park” your container and open the doors to start serving customers.

Learn more about shipping containers pop-up kiosks

6. Restaurants, Lounges & Terraces

Shipping container for events - restaurant and terraces

From event beer gardens to ice cream parlours and guest/VIP lounges to a fully operational fine dining restaurant, the humble shipping container can be modified to create an inviting spot to prepare and serve food and beverages to attendees. A fully branded pop-up café can be customized with flooring, interior detailing, and extravagant lighting or simply act as a sturdy, attractive booth to sell quick snacks like popcorn, hot dogs, and soft drinks. They also make great staff lounges.

7. DJ Booths & Control Rooms

Shipping container control room

From weddings to concerts, events today use technology and electronics to engage and entertain. Shipping containers for events make excellent control rooms and DJ booths that are quickly up and running. They are made of highly secure, weatherproof steel making it easy to store equipment for the next event while protecting costly electronics from inclement weather and theft.

8. Lockers

Shipping container lockers

Shipping containers can also be modified for more practical purposes, providing secure event lockers. Whether it is a place for staff to put their personal belongings, a locker for bike parking, or lockers for attendees, lockers provide a secure place to store a wide variety of items for staff and visitors.

9. Storage

Event storage presents a challenge at sites without existing structures. Sea cans can be used as is to store and ship event materials from site to site or be modified to store everything from alcohol to food and from lighting to tents. They can be customized as a climate-controlled environment to ensure food is stored at safe temperatures to avoid issues with foodborne illnesses, protecting your event’s reputation.

10. Toilets

Shipping container toilets

Instead of the unattractive prospect of “porta-potties,” shipping containers can be modified as fully functional mobile toilets. This is a must for upscale events, from tennis and golf tournaments to exclusive weddings and from elegant garden parties to equestrian events. Running water, toilet stalls, mirrors, and high-end finishes offer an elegant option to the dependable “Johnny on the Spot.”

11. Medical Station

Accidents happen. Every event should have a medical station to attend to issues from cuts and scrapes to heat exhaustion. Medical stations can be equipped with all the basic medical equipment required to respond quickly to minor issues as well as major trauma until an emergency team can arrive.

12. Lost and Found

Every event needs a lost and found. A customized booth can be outfitted with shelves to store lost and found items, complete with lockers for more expensive items such as wallets, purses, and cell phones. Lost and found stations can also offer a safe place for people separated from their groups to meet. This is especially important for child-focused events.

Shipping Containers, a Versatile Solution for Any Event

Shipping containers offer a sturdy, stackable, portable solution with exceptional ROI for vendors, event planners, merchandisers, sponsors, etc. The solid steel structure is ready for customization to suit any purpose. They can be used as a stand-alone structure or be stacked and configured to suit any event site. Secure, attractive, modern, and highly adaptable, event organizers and merchants have a far more robust alternative to standard event booths and tents that is weather resistant, easy to set up, and completely mobile.

Conterm provides shipping container rentals for many events in Montreal, Quebec City and other cities in the province of Quebec and Eastern Ontario. We have worked and still work with many renowned clients such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, Osheaga, the Montreal F1 Grand Prix and many others. We can modify any shipping container to your unique needs. Contact us for more information on our event shipping container rental solutions.

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