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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

Benefits of renting modified containers for events

Choosing modified containers as structural facilities has several benefits. In fact, event containers are specifically made to meet all the safety, practicality and mobility needs that are particular to event planning. Let’s take a look at what these benefits consist of.

Benefits of renting modified containers for events


Event containers are the ideal solution to keep all the equipment safe at all time. Made from non-corrosive steel, modified containers are robust, safe and waterproof, and therefore perfect for secured storage. In large scale events, as in outdoor festivals, there are ticket booths, pop-up restaurants and shops, stages, and much more. What do all these facilities have in common? The need to be secured, so as to be safe from intruders and bad weather all night long or, in some cases, at any time of the day. For that matter, many events held in the recent years, such as the Grand Marché de Noël à la Place des Arts, Merry Montreal, or even Igloofest, chose to use event containers to successfully set-up their facilities.

Modified containers provide a safe storage for your tools


But modified containers protect more than just the equipment; they also protect the whole production team of the event, in addition to providing them with a comfortable and well-organized work space. In the context of musical events, for example, it is required to provide the technical team with a work environment that is safe from bad weather, to make sure that they are comfortable and that their work equipment stays dry. The waterproof design of modified event containers ensures that it is possible to create in no time artists’ dressing rooms, control rooms, studios, editing stations, and much more. That is even more important for outdoor events that take place during the winter season.

Modified containers are practical way to store and organize your equipment during events


As it is often the case in corporate events or outdoor festivals, the equipment must be moved before, after, or sometimes even during the event. By storing the equipment in modified containers, you save yourself time and efforts since you can move all the stored equipment by simply moving the container. In this way, you don’t need to have recourse to human resources in order to move the material resources; instead, you will be able to move everything in one block, therefore saving time and money. What’s more, the mobility of modified event containers allows for the creation of the desired structures, with no other limitation than the designer’s imagination. In fact, modified event containers can be placed on top of each other and/or lined up, in order to create structures of the height and/or the length of your choosing. Learn more about shipping containers dimensions, measurements and weights.

Modified containers are mobile and can easily be moved or stacked

Rental Options

You like the idea of using containers for your next event, but don’t want to buy them? You are not alone! You should know that we at Conterm offer many container rental options, specifically geared towards event planning usage. We have a significant number of 20 feet as well as 40 feet containers, which we rent across Canada. You can choose to rent 10 feet, 20 feet or even 40 feet containers and we will make sure to deliver it/them at the location of your choosing. If you would prefer to take care of the transportation of your rented container yourself, you may do so. But if you would rather have us take care of it, then your container will be delivered to you with a “Tilt & Load” truck and, once on the premises, our professional team will take care of its installation in a safe manner, by immobilizing and leveling it. And if you decide to move your event container, our team will take care of that also, and with the same security standards as when they delivered and installed it.

Rent modified containers

So for your next event, choose to rent a Conterm modified event container. Their non-corrosive steel design ensures safety, practicality and mobility, by protecting the equipment against bad weather as well as trespassers, by offering technical staff a practical and comfortable work environment and, finally, by allowing fast, easy and cost-effective transportation of all the equipment when needed.

For more information about Conterm modified containers, their rental or for any questions in general, please contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

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