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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

5 container rental ideas for businesses and individuals

Container rental provide an eco-friendly and waterproof solution for storing your belongings in a secure, accessible and easy to move unit. We put together a list of five creative ways you could put a shipping container to use that you may not have thought you could do.

Pop-up Shops

Container Rental ideas for C2MTL

Want to stand out at an event you’ll be retailing at? Why get a tent and tables when you can rent a shipping container to set up your shop in. With containers ranging from 10’ to 40’ in length, you can be assured that your shop can hold all your merchandise and be noticed by everyone walking around. No needs to worry about the wind blowing your tent and merchandise over as shipping containers provide a weather resistant safe structure for merchants selling their goods during outdoor events. Modified shipping containers can also be relocated from one location to the next without forcing the merchants to physically disassemble and reassemble their stands.

If you are considering container rental options, keep in mind that using a modified container enables you to physically be closer to your potential clients in more remote or space restrictive areas such as hills, mountain tops, beaches and more. For example, during winter, Saint Sauveur set up ‘Boîte à Ski’. They used a modified metal container to set up temporary ski rental stations that allowed the boutique to sell and rent skis at the base of the mountain. This made it more convenient for their clientele to pick up their skis and get right on the slopes.

Pop-up Restaurants

Container Rental ideas for shops and kiosks

Say goodbye to the pollution of food trucks and say hello to the greener choice of mobile pop-up restaurant. Sure food trucks allow you to sell your food around the island of Montreal, but selling food out of a rental shipping container can be just as beneficial.

Investing in a food truck could be a big leap for a business, why not test the waters first by opening a pop-up restaurant in a heavy foot traffic area of downtown. Shipping containers also offer a lot more room than a compact food truck making it easier for staff to not only cook and serve your food, but keep it clean both inside and out!

Music Festivals

Igloofest Montréal Container Rental ideas

Rental metal containers are changing the way people experience outdoor concerts. Shipping containers can be used for a variety of functions at large outdoor music festivals and concerts. Our large 40’ containers can easily be converted into a stage to be performed in or on! Combine this with the two listed suggestions above and your festival or concert can go on rain or shine, allowing for attendees to listen, eat and shop under sturdy metal shelters.

You can push the envelope even further by customizing your rental storage containers to create a VIP lounge and coat check for those attendees that want a little more out of their live music experience.

Mobile Greenhouses

Container with Flowers - Event Custom Containers - Conterm Montreal

Looking for a more mobile and secure way to grow produce and plants all year round? Why not consider shipping container for rent. One can now easily set up a greenhouse without the commitment of having a permanent establishment. This can be ideal for institutions looking to grow plants during a short period of time.

One can easily install shelving and UV lights in our storage containers to make sure that your plant’s needs are being met. Shipping containers can also be reinforced with insolation so that a constant temperate can be maintained within the container regardless of season.

You can easily secure and quickly transport your greenhouse from one location to the next without having to remove any of plants or equipment. For example, moving temperature sensitive plants or produce is now feasible as they won’t be exposed to any harsh outdoor conditions.

Container Rental as a Garage or Workshops

It is not uncommon these days to hear of individuals who rent storage containers to hold their automotive parts, tools and even their personal cars or motorcycles. Why limit the container’s use to just storage when you can have your very own pop-up garage. You no longer need to wait for the spring and summer seasons to tune up your vehicle when you can now store it safely and have the full perks of a workspace. On top of that, should you choose to purchase your rental metal container, you can customize the metal unit further to better showcase your automotive collection anywhere you go.

If you are considering container rental options for your business or your personal needs, we invite you to contact our Montreal container specialist. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you plan your custom container projects.

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