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Modified Shipping Containers

Multiple Uses of Modified Shipping Containers

While shipping containers are designed to move cargo across the world, more and more often they are being modified for a wide range of alternative uses. Shipping containers are strong and secure, weather-resistant, and completely portable, which makes them ideal for shipping, but these features also create benefits that make them great for a lot of other things.

Examples of Modified Shipping Containers

Here is a list of some of the ways people are using modified shipping containers.

During Events

Modified shipping containers are useful and practical during events like concerts, conferences, or sporting events. You can use them for a variety of purposes for attendees or the event organizers. For events, storage containers can be used for ticket booths, kiosks, lounges, rest areas, offices, and more.

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Storage Units

Shipping containers are ideal for storage for a number of reasons. They are designed to withstand travelling long distances on rocky seas and in just about any type of weather. They are also portable, which means you may move your storage unit to different locations as the need arises. Whether you need it for temporary storage or as a long-term solution, modified shipping containers can get the job done.

Garages and Workshops

You can use your shipping container as a garage or workshop for personal or professional use. Garage containers are becoming more popular as more people discover just how versatile they are. You can modify your garage container to have automatic doors to store items like boats, snowmobiles, ATVs, cars, and more. You can also use it as a shed to store tools and garden supplies, or as a workshop with all of your tools and equipment that you use for projects around the house.

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Container offices have grown in popularity as more uses have been found for shipping containers. You can use them as standalone and fully functional offices that can be used right near your workplace, your home, or in remote locations. If you need a temporary office or meeting space for any reason, a modified shipping container will work for that, too.

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Tiny Living Spaces

The trend toward minimalized living spaces with tiny homes has made container homes a viable possibility for many people. They can be used as a standalone home or stacked on top of one another if you want more space. Their portability means you can set up container homes almost anywhere, making remote living easy and affordable.

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Temporary Housing for Workers

Storage containers can even be used as a tiny home for temporary workers in a variety of situations. Some of the most useful applications include work camps for oilfields or mining, construction site housing, military housing, border patrol housing, and disaster relief housing. Virtually any work situation where temporary housing is required can use container homes as a solution.

Industrial Enclosures

When you have an industrial operation that is happening in a remote location, you need to keep your valuable tools and equipment safe. Leaving equipment overnight or on weekends leaves it exposed to the elements and the threat of vandalism. You can also use shipping containers to house air compressors, motor control centres, generators, electrical control centres, or chemical processing equipment.


In parts of the world where it isn’t feasible or even possible to build a traditional school, shipping containers are being used. They can be modified to include doors, heating and A/C units, windows, and more features that make them ideal for a school setting. Their strength and durability also mean they can be set in place and left for many years.


Using a shipping container as a restaurant may seem far-out, but they have already been used as the base structure in many cities like New York, Montreal, London, and Paris. When modified accordingly, they are like a fancier version of a food truck without the wheels.

Portable Medical Units

When a health situation develops, having a mobile hospital can save lives. Whether it is weather related, caused by war or from disease, portable medical units enable medical staff to treat the people who need it quickly and efficiently.

Portable Toilets

Whether it’s an event or a remote workplace, many companies and organizations are using modified shipping containers for portable toilets instead of smaller units that are usually available. Larger shipping containers offer greater privacy and are generally more comfortable than smaller portable toilets.

Play Structures

It’s possible to use shipping containers as a foundation for children’s play structures and activity centres, offering a sturdy base for kids to have fun. When stacked on top of another and arranged creatively, storage containers make great material for kids play structures.

Swimming Pools

Shipping containers have the right dimensions to act like a swimming pool. They have the right length and depth for a very enjoyable family pool, and you don’t have to concern yourself with digging and other construction costs that are typical with swimming pools.


Whether you want to use it as your sleeping quarters or just for storing gear and food, modified shipping containers are great for camping. Once they are in place, you can have your own little camping paradise.


The shape and dimensions of a storage container make it suitable for adding a row of desks and workstations that can act as a mobile tech lab.


In Ariel Sharon Park in Israel, architects and engineers have actually constructed a bridge made from shipping containers. Uses like these show just how innovative people can be and just how useful modified shipping containers are.

If you’d like to talk to an expert about how to use modified shipping containers in your personal or professional life, contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about modified shipping containers applications.

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