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Conteneurs Modifiés - Portes De Garage

All You Need to Know About Modified Storage Container Applications

Shipping containers are used in thousands of ways for hundreds of purposes. Shipping container applications include storage, storefronts, offices, creative spaces, tiny homes and much more. As they are durable, portable, and require less work than building a structure from scratch, shipping containers are endlessly versatile.

Shipping containers are also popular space solutions because they are available in several convenient sizes. Maritime shipping containers are standardized and come in four lengths: 10 feet standard, 20 feet standard, 40 feet standard and 40 feet high cube. Are you looking for more specs about the shipping containers? We invite you to read our detailed article and see our infographic on shipping container dimensions, measurements and weights.

Here’s what you need to know about these popular shipping container applications so you can get started imagining your dream space.

Portable Storage

Shipping containers were originally designed for goods storage during sea transport. It only makes sense that one of their most practical uses is as portable storage. Due to their size and compatibility with transport trucks and other methods of transportation, shipping containers are easily portable. Thus, they are useful to anyone who might need to store and transport their goods.

Event companies may use a storage container to move a lot of equipment to an event location without fuss. Better, they can also add storage structure to the container to organize their equipment.

Contractors and builders can use shipping containers to bring their smaller equipment and materials to job sites with ease. The largest containers, 40 feet and high cubes, may accommodate large equipment that is otherwise challenging to bring to the job site.

Climate-Controlled Storage

Another great application of modified containers is adding electricity and making it climate controlled. Any item that needs to be kept dry or at a specific temperature can be easily and affordably stored in such a shipping container, once it is insulated.

This is useful for a variety of businesses and individuals. For example, roofers may need to keep shingles warm in the winter, up until the moment of application. A heated storage container can allow for simple transportation while keeping the shingles as warm as possible.

Climate-controlled storage containers may also be useful to keep people healthy. Contractors and building companies may need to offer staff a small air-conditioned space in the summer. A climate-controlled shipping container is the perfect solution, allowing you to move the break space to wherever it needs to be.

Another innovative application for climate-controlled shipping containers is their use in the cannabis production industry.

Commercial Storefronts

More than ever, consumers are attracted to storefronts that are unusual, unique spaces. With their size and flexibility, shipping containers allow you to craft a customer experience that perfectly matches your customer’s expectations. Don’t underestimate the power of small spaces as retail environments.

Shipping containers are endlessly flexible, but also very affordable. Even small local businesses can afford to have a storefront or make their existing storefront larger with a shipping container.

Restaurants can also make great use of shipping containers to expand their patio space in the summer, or offer a unique, more private environment. You could even run a restaurant entirely out of several combined shipping containers.

Travelling Storefronts

Do you attend a lot of trade show events, farmer’s markets or do you simply set up your shop on a street corner? Shipping containers are very simple to transport, so they lend well to businesses that need to move not just inventory but their whole customer experience.

Custom Event Solutions

Event businesses frequent several locations, and sometimes client’s homes, in order to hold their events. Not all locations have an ideal layout to entertain or serve. You may need weather protection in some properties, or a separate bar or serving space. Shipping containers allow you to place that space wherever you need, without the hassle of setting it up or taking it down every time. Overall, they are perfect custom event solutions.

Offices and Creative Spaces

Another application is for offices and creative spaces. With more and more people working from home, there’s an increased need for home offices and creative spaces where people can gather to work. A shipping container office can allow you to have a separate space for your home office. Or, it can be a great starting point for a communal working environment.

Shipping containers are faster to build and often cheaper than home sheds you might be tempted to build for your office. Plus, they are portable so you can bring them with you to your next home, or just use them to boost the value of your home.

Communal working spaces may need to start out small, and potentially move around, which makes a modified shipping container the perfect place to start.

Tiny Homes 

Environmentally conscious homeowners, or just those who want to escape the debt of a mortgage, turn to shipping containers as flexible, inexpensive homes that help them reduce their carbon footprint. Tiny homes can be completely mobile, allowing for a digital nomad lifestyle. Plus, as they are smaller, they can often accommodate luxury materials and features at a much lower total price point.

Those who own tiny homes may live in an off-grid plot of land, or in a completely urban tiny home community. The tiny home itself doesn’t dictate your lifestyle, it just allows you to break the mold and create a home outside of your typical options.

Many homeowners also enjoy the complete flexibility they can achieve with a tiny home. You can have the exact layout you like without compromise. Older people are drawn to tiny houses because they don’t need to include any stairs and can be completely accessible. Plus, by downsizing to a tiny home, seniors can free up a substantial portion of the equity they’ve built up.

Not-So Tiny Homes

Not everyone can adopt the minimalist lifestyle it takes to live in a single shipping container. However, you don’t have to. Combining multiple shipping containers can significantly increase your square footage. In fact, you have a multi-level home by stacking shipping containers on top of one another.

The architectural statements possible with tiny homes are endless, but they naturally lean towards ultra-modern cubic homes with high-quality finishes. Many tiny home layouts and inspirational posts are available online to give you an idea of what you can achieve with a tiny home.

What Kind of Shipping Container Do You Need?

Conterm’s full range of modified container solutions and temporary portable buildings can be shipped anywhere in Canada. If you have any questions about modified container solutions or custom shipping containers, we invite you to contact us today. Our team of design consultants will be able to answer your questions and help you turn your concept to reality.

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