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Modified Container - Shelving

Unique and Practical Modified Shipping Container Storage Options

A storage container is a blank slate. If you own one, you have the opportunity to modify the container to fit your exact needs. In that big empty space, there is a lot of potential, especially when it comes to storage options.

A modified shipping container can be used as a storage container for anything. You can create a hyper-organized space for your own personal items or for your store inventory that makes you more efficient. Or, you can use it to store the biggest equipment you have. If you’re willing to add electrical, you can even store items that need to be kept hot, cool, or dry. Here are a few ways shipping containers can be modified to be a practical storage space.  

Hyper-Organized Storage  

One of the best uses of shipping containers is as a perfectly customized storage solution. It’s simple to install shelving, partitions and other storage solutions into a shipping container to get the exact layout you need to make your life simpler.

For example, let’s say you manage an event company that needs décor, tableware, and other equipment for each season. In a shipping container, you can use partitions to sort each group of seasonal items. Instead of trying to find your centerpieces in a pile of other centerpieces you’ll have everything you need for any specific season or event all in one partition.

If you’re constantly adjusting your storage space, don’t make your partitions permanent. Use small, moveable half-walls or sliding walls to allow you the flexibility you need to change your storage container.

Storing Your Biggest Items and Easing Access

Can shipping containers be used to store large equipment, like riding lawn mowers, augers, or generators that you need at the job site? For sure. You can even combine shipping containers if you need a larger storage space that is still portable.

All you need to do is modify your shipping container with a garage door to allow your biggest equipment to fit inside. Sliding man doors and roll-up doors are particularly useful. They don’t flare out when they open, instead, they are out of the way. That way they won’t clip your equipment when opening and they don’t take up additional space when open. If you need to see in or out of your modified container, you can consider adding windows as well.

Some businesses may benefit from storing extra-large inventory in a shipping container. You don’t always have space in your stockroom for large seasonal items, like Christmas trees, but you still need to protect them from the elements. Shipping containers are an inexpensive large storage option. You can even try container rental if you only need temporary storage.

Climate-Controlled Storage Options  

Bring the inside outdoors with a climate-controlled shipping container. Once you’ve insulated the container and added electrical, shipping containers can be a truly portable indoor space. This has endless applications, including:

  • Builders can use heated or cooled containers as a place for workers to cool off from summer heat or warm up from working in the cold.
  • Homesteaders can use small shipping containers to store crops that need to be kept cool or dry.
  • Event companies can use refrigerated storage containers as big, portable fridges they can place at any event location.
  • Businesses can store merchandise that needs to be kept dry and free of moisture, anything from soaps to clothing.
  • Temporary or permanent portable container offices can be set up. Paint and decals can add to your customized design.

You can learn more in our comprehensive guide to “All You Need to Know About Modified Storage Container Applications”.

Ready for Completely Customized Storage?

Conterm’s full range of modified container solutions and temporary portable buildings can be shipped anywhere in Canada. If you have any questions about modified container solutions or custom shipping containers, we invite you to contact us today. Our team of design consultants will be able to answer your questions and help you turn your concept to reality.


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