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Shipping Container Applications in the Cannabis Production and Retail Industry

Once cannabis use was legalized in Canada, a wave of innovation swept over the country for growers, retailers and processors. Some of the traditional methods of cannabis cultivation, production and sales posed challenges when it came to having sufficient space, climate issues, limited growing seasons, plant disease, pests, mold, high start-up costs, trouble with licensing and lengthy construction timelines.

One way that many in the cannabis industry responded was to start using shipping containers for both production and retail sales. Modified containers offer a range of benefits that can reduce or even eliminate many of the issues that were holding them back.

Shipping Containers for Cannabis Production

In the cannabis production industry, many companies have used shipping containers to build facilities that are secure and effectively control variables that include:

  • Humidity levels
  • Water temperatures
  • Air temperature
  • CO2 levels
  • Ventilation

The fact that the containers are closed and sealed tight also allows the crops to be tended to in the most discreet way possible. Basically, all you need is a piece of flat ground and access to power and water for irrigation and access to electricity for lighting.

There are several benefits to this type of setup, including:

Increased Production – with a 12-month operation, it stands to reason that the production capacity would be much higher than growing outdoors given our harsh Canadian climate.

Increased Flexibility – the portable nature of storage containers means operators have greater flexibility when selecting a location.

Quick Startup – this method requires limited resources and is often referred to as a ‘turn-key’ solution.

Environmentally Sound – facilities in modified containers typically recycle their own water, using up to 90% less then a standard farm.

Lower Facility Costs – finding a suitable facility is easier and when it comes time to scale, you can stack the containers to save space.

Enhanced Security – the value of the crop requires greater security and shipping containers provide just that, deterring thieves from trying to get inside.

Cannabis Retail Industry

Storage containers are also useful in the cannabis retail industry. The portability of shipping containers has allowed some companies to disrupt mainstream retail providers and place stores in locations they wouldn’t normally be. This includes remote communities that might not normally have access, music festivals, seasonal communities and other non-typical retail environments. The idea would be to get temporary licenses to sell, the same as events that sell alcohol on-site.

The structure of a modified container is just right for a retail space and can be configured with all the latest technology to make it an exciting, immersive shopping experience. As with storage containers used for cannabis production, a retail operation can also stack containers if the need arises. Just imagine a safe, secure, highly functional retail environment that has all of the bells and whistles of a standard retail store, but can be moved to different locations as desired.

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