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Modified Container - Office

Options for Transforming a Shipping Container into a Container Office

Temporary offices can be set up on construction sites, in remote locations, or onsite at events. If you’re looking for ways to transform modified containers into temporary offices there are many options available. 

Designing Your Container Office

Before you start building your shipping container office, there are a few things you should consider. Being prepared will help plan your design, stay within reason, and prevent your costs from getting out of control.

Use a Quality Storage Container

Used storage containers come in a variety of conditions and prices. If opting for an older container, make sure to inspect the unit for holes, dents or rust to determine if repairs or refurbishing need to be done. Since damage can affect the structural integrity of the container, it may cost more to fix the container than to buy a new one.

Identify Your Layout

While containers come in a few different sizes, knowing the standard shipping container dimensions can help you plan and design your interior layout. If any accessories such as lighting, frames or ventilation equipment cause the exterior dimension requirements to increase, it may be more difficult to transport your mobile offices from site to site.

Research Building Codes and Zoning Standards

Shipping containers that are used in the construction of mobile or stationary spaces are considered buildings. Depending on your location, there may be different provincial and municipal building codes, permits and zoning standards that you must comply with in order to keep your community safe and avoid unnecessary fines.

Keep it Simple

Designs that incorporate too many options can shrink the available space needed for smooth operation. Keeping designs to a minimum can help ensure that the space is maximized, and it will also cut down on material and labour costs.

Office Shipping Container Construction

Creating an office that is functional, aesthetically appealing, and affordable is a challenging task. Some of the most popular features that can be added to office shipping containers include:

  • New or used shipping containers – in a variety of colours, sizes and prices
  • Lined, insulated and painted interior – for northern climates
  • Steel man doors – allow easy entry, with locks available for added security
  • Thermopane windows – for natural lighting
  • Electrical systems – panels, electrical outlets for office equipment, and basic lighting
  • A/C and heating units – for temperature control in all climates
  • Custom finishes – decals or paint that matches your brand

While not all options are necessary for every business, location, or function, knowing what features are available can help you decide which ones fit within your budget. By having the container modified to your needs, you can get a customized solution that helps your business operate and grow.

Transforming a shipping container into a usable office space is an exciting project for any business owner. At Conterm, we supply office container rentals, customized manufacturing services, and quality customer service that helps us build relationships with our clients and design the offices their businesses need.  In addition to container offices, there are many other modified container applications.

At Conterm, we modify well-built, watertight, and repurposed containers for many small businesses and individuals requiring permanent or temporary office space. We can create custom solutions to suit your needs, on schedule and at affordable rates. 

Consult with Conterm for your Shipping Container Office Needs

If you have any questions about shipping containers for sale, container rentals, or custom container modifications, please contact our team at Conterm today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions, let you know about our available stock, and work with you to build a solution that’s best for your business.

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