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Shipping Container Offices Modifications Available

Shipping Container Offices: Modifications Available

Demand for affordable commercial space and popularity of working from home are changing the way businesses operate. From remote capabilities to shared office space, the new workplace makes it easier for businesses to find an affordable option for their needs.

Shipping container offices are a growing trend for businesses looking for affordable, customized office space. Here we look at the types of modifications you can make to a shipping container to transform it into your own office space.

What Is a Shipping Container Office?

Although growing in popularity, most businesses are unaware that shipping containers make the perfect stand-alone office. Made of solid steel, the containers can withstand Canadian weather, and hold up against break-ins and fires.

You can use them as a permanent office solution or transport them from location to location. This makes them a popular choice for construction companies, contractors, event managers and more. Although they may not be the first choice that comes to mind when thinking about office space solutions, more business owners are discovering they are the logical choice for affordable office space customized to suit any purpose.

What Are the Types of Shipping Container Modifications Available?

Shipping containers are completely customizable allowing you to design the ideal work environment. Whether you need something that is strictly functional or wish to create a modern, state-of-the-art office, the modifications are limited only by your budget and the size of the units you purchase.

Modified containers focus on comfort, function and interior design. They offer all the conveniences of a traditional office including:

  • Plumbing and Electricity: Electrical and plumbing are installed to make the most of your space. The location of desks, lighting, equipment, etc. all come into play when planning your electricity. You will also require plumbing for the bathroom, staff kitchen or breakroom.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: Many business owners look into eco-friendly options to reduce energy use. This includes features such as skylights to bring in natural light, or solar panels to produce sustainable energy.
  • Insulation, Heating and Air Conditioning: Adding to energy efficiencies, proper insulation ensures your office remains comfortable. You have your choice of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. For example, ductless systems reduce installation costs and free up ceiling space, while improved air circulation systems such as rooftop turbine vents or fixed louvre vents keep air cleaner and temperatures more comfortable.
  • Windows and Patio Doors: Windows and patio doors bring in more natural light to create a happier, healthier work environment. Not only do you reduce electricity, but also provide softer lighting that opens up the space and is easier on the eyes. If the wall space is in high demand for workspace or storage, skylights are perfect especially if you have opted for a ductless heating system.
  • Man Doors: Exterior man doors create a welcoming entry and offer a safe escape for emergencies. They can be custom designed to create impressive entries or serve as a basic entry. Like any other building, you have your choice of glass, solid steel or wood doors to meet your needs and suit your budget.
  • Garage and Roll-up Doors: While not suited to all office needs, garage doors and roll-up doors are great features if your office includes a storage area. For example, an interior designer or stager who stores furnishings and décor items can have the storage area right in their office. They can also be used to open up the workspace to the outdoors in the summer.
  • Divisions: Partitions can be installed based on your layout needs to create separate work areas, block off locked storage or inventory area, separate your entrance where you greet clients from the rest of the work areas, etc. Steel partitions can also be installed to prevent the spread of fire to limit damage to inventory and equipment stored on site.
  • Shelving and Racking: As mentioned, you can include storage space in your shipping container office. Shelving and racking can be installed to help organize the space while making everything more accessible.
  • Custom Paint and Finishes: Like any other office space, shipping container office modifications include custom design features with your choice of paint and finishes to suit your needs. From basic paint and wallpaper to customized materials such as wainscoting, wood and stone, you can create a unique office to reflect your brand.

All of these modifications provide complete control of your office design improving function, comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Modifications for office shipping containers

Why Choose a Shipping Container as an Office?

You can choose to purchase a shipping container or rent one to convert into a convenient office space. Whichever option you choose, know that shipping containers offer an affordable and fully customizable solution.

Since shipping containers are made of steel, they are very durable and safe. They are therefore an environmentally friendly solution due to their durability.

In addition to being durable and affordable, the containers transformed into offices can be moved according to your needs. Perfect for contractors and developers and for annual or mobile events. They can also be stacked or placed side by side in the event that your space needs increase.

Learn more about why you should choose a shipping container for your next office space.

Looking For A Container Office?

If you’re looking for an affordable, fully customizable solution for your new office space, you should consider purchasing or renting a shipping container. Conterm offers new and used shipping containers for sale and as well as shipping container rental in Montreal for all budgets and in many sizes.

Learn more about our modified shipping containers for the office here or contact us for more information.

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