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Container Rental Benefits

When people think of shipping containers, they assume that they are used simply for transporting goods. However, shipping containers have become more than just units for hauling items. They have become useful vessels of storage for both commercial and residential purposes.

As opposed to buying a unit, many private individuals and companies have chosen to rent shipping containers in Montréal for short-term use or occasional events. Here are some of the popular ways rented shipping containers are currently being used.


Since its initial invention and construction, shipping containers have been used for transportation. Today, they are still mainly used for this reason. Its sturdy structure permits the safe delivery of various cargo, and its steel frame withstands the tumultuous movements inherent to transporting. So, it continues to be a reliable method for shipping.

In some instances, purchasing a shipping container is not the best option, especially if you’re not shipping items regularly. That’s why many companies pursue shipping container rental solutions. It is more realistic and cost-efficient for the length of time you may be using it. Plus, containers have proven they can accommodate a variety of items in need of transport.

Temporary Storage of Tools & Equipment on Job Sites

As iterated, not all situations call for the purchase of a shipping container. On job sites, such as those in temporary locations, a container rental in Montréal may be your best option. It is a perfect solution for the storage of equipment and resources during a short-term project. For example, when your crew is repairing a road or erecting a home, they need access to various tools and items. But you don’t want to haul those assets to a storage facility or headquarters every night and every morning. That’s a waste of time and money spent on transportation. Shipping containers provide on-site storage for many jobs, eliminating unnecessary expenses and disruptions to productivity.

Access is convenient on the job site. But if your operation is moving on, and you need the same tools elsewhere, you can easily ship the container to a new location. You don’t have to worry about clearing your old storage space and renting a new one. A rented shipping container permits the easy transport of equipment.

Short-Term Storage of Personal Items and Furniture

Home renovations can be quite overwhelming. Many homeowners are often uncertain of where to place their furniture safely. Sometimes, property owners find themselves shifting things from room to room, which is a time-consuming and inefficient option. A container rental can save you wasted time and offer peace of mind.

Shipping containers make fantastic short-term storage facilities. Not only are they convenient but also highly secure. They also offer enough space for you to organize and access your items during and after a remodel. Using a container safeguards your belongings from damage too.

Residential and Commercial Use of Rented Containers

Both residential and commercial renters appreciate container rental solutions. These vessels are perfect for warehousing items or even living arrangements. Many house hunters have had success transforming containers into dream homes, so these units can be the perfect temporary dwelling space. We’ve also seen businesses modify units into job sites, retail booths, and event spaces. They’re the perfect on-site space to store furniture, equipment, motor vehicles, supplies, and more. Units can also be used for the transportation of your business or personal items during a move.

Shipping containers are durable and weatherproof. Whether you’re residing, working, or storing items inside the container, its contents are protected from external factors, such as wind, rain, rust, and break-ins.

Costs for Container Rental Solutions in Montréal

It is important to note that the price of a container rental can vary. Influential factors include:

  • Size
  • New or used
  • Duration of use
  • Possible modifications
  • Market factors and shifts in the industry

As far as modifications and specific applications, new containers are ideal for dramatic and branded changes. Please get in touch for a quote.

Conterm Offers a Variety of Shipping Containers for Rent 

As Montréal container rental suppliers, Conterm offers various units and options for your unique project. If you have any questions regarding container rental, or you wish to discuss other options, such as shipping containers for sale or shipping container modifications, contact us. We would be more than happy to respond to your inquiries!

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