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Modified Shipping Containers

The Versatility of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers have become very useful in a variety of ways. As a result of their practicality, shipping containers have a vast history and continue to be used and modified for remarkable purposes.

A Brief History of Shipping Containers

Since the 1830s, shipping containers have been utilized successfully for shipping goods. In the U.K., it was initially used for transporting coal. The version of shipping containers used for this transfer had steel frames with wall panels and wooden doors. Over time, standardized steel shipping containers became more predominant as the U.S. military created these units in World War II.

In 1949, Keith Tantlinger improved the modifications of these shipping containers, enabling them to be stacked, which is the current function and design. The size of shipping containers was also increased. From 1968–1970, safety regulations and standards were developed to promote consistency during transportation. These changes simplified the process of shipping items across diverse forms of transportation, such as by ship, train, or truck. The process became more streamlined and efficient. Due to the unit’s versatility, these containers became known as intermodal containers, a name that honours its ability to be used for different modes of transportation.

Sizes, Weights & Dimensions of Shipping Containers

Despite the standardization of shipping containers, there are variations in size. They do not deviate extensively from the fundamental bearings of shipping containers. However, they offer dimensions that accommodate the transportation of more substantial items.

Intermodal containers are available in sizes ranging in length from 10’, 20’, or 40’ standard. For these containers, the interior width and height are the same. The differences arise specifically in weight from the additional amount of steel and material needed to lengthen the unit.

As an alternative, there is a 40’ high cube container. This shipping vessel offers a more expansive interior height, standing at 8’10”, an interior length of 39’5′, and a substantial door height of 8’5”. With increased height and length, shipping items of considerable sizes is possible with the cube container. Conterm proudly offers the solutions mentioned above for all your shipping, business, and personal needs. Learn more about the dimensions, measurements and weights of shipping containers.

Shipping Containers for Rent

Shipping containers have multiple uses and have proven to be quite beneficial for private individuals and companies. They are suitable for not only shipping items but also storing them. Plus, for those seeking a temporary solution to storage or commercial challenges, renting shipping containers can be a viable option.

Influential Factors for Price

It is important to note that pricing for shipping containers varies. Aspects such as age, condition, size, dimension, shipping, customization, and market factors, such as supply and demand, can impact its price.

The advantages of renting a shipping container are the realistic and economical solutions it affords. As far as its financial impact, renting provides an opportunity for users to determine their needs relative to space and size. It also enables them to reassess their requirements for a shipping container and decide which option is ideal for them.

Multiple Storage Uses

Shipping containers keep items protected when stored, which is quite useful. They are well constructed, watertight, and offer a solution that is built to last. Also, items placed in the container are secure and can be easily transported. Shipping containers are great for storage, and in the event of a move, there is no need to remove the items and secure them in another vessel, you can lock up your container and ship all of your items together.

Businesses and individuals find them useful for stowing away items. For instance, some homeowners use them for housing vehicles, jet skis, or unused items such as furniture, yard equipment, and more. Business owners rent them for similar storage reasons, such as for machinery, inventory items, chemical substances, and other necessities. Learn more about our numerous shipping containers storage options.

Shipping Containers for Sale

Advantages of Used Containers

Conterm offers shipping containers for sale. They can be purchased new or used. Both of these options have their advantages. However, used or refurbished units tend to be less expensive and more cost-effective for those with smaller budgets. They are readily available and, based on the unit’s history, will not be priced as a new storage unit.

Used shipping containers provide an environmentally friendly solution as well. By repurposing them for alternate use, you are making less waste. They make an excellent choice for those who need a storage unit. Based on a used unit’s matured appearance, many people do not convert used shipping containers into display areas, such as pop-up shops or offices.

Advantages of New Containers

Conterm offers new shipping containers as well. We provide non-corrosive steel containers that will last you a very long time in any conditions. Used containers are chosen mainly to provide additional storage space. However, for businesses or homeowners seeking a shipping container for more unconventional reasons, a new container is ideal.

New containers can be modified to suit unique business needs. For instance, businesses that choose to transform a shipping container into a temporary or mobile office, portable retail unit, custom display booth, or any other exhibit, new shipping containers are the best option. Due to their flawless appearance, new shipping containers offer a more practical solution.

Conterm’s Tilt-and-Load Delivery Services

Conterm proudly provides tilt-and-load delivery services. With this complete transportation solution, your shipping container can be quickly shipped to your desired location. Instead of worrying about how your container is going to be transported, our service eliminates that stress. Our experts ensure our tilt-and-load truck effectively completes the transfer, and you receive your ideal shipping container promptly.

Shipping Containers Modifications

When you purchase a shipping container from Conterm, it can be modified to suit your precise needs. In many instances, units are used beyond storage, and instead, they are altered to accommodate commercial and residential purposes. If you are hosting an event or have a specific business need, our shipping containers can be modified and transformed to honour your requests.

Types of Modifications

Over the years, Conterm has had the pleasure of interacting with various businesses, and we have helped transform and modify shipping containers into remarkable structures. We have added windows for a spacious appeal, as well as roll-up doors, garage doors, and man doors. Shelving and racking are also popular choices to maximize organization.

We have also provided partitions to create smaller spaces within a container and even added insulation and electrical to units to make the space more versatile and useful in business pursuits. The interior and exterior can be enhanced with paint and decals as well. Almost anything that clients have requested, our team has achieved.

Unique Business Uses for Shipping Containers

Our clients have used shipping containers for many applications, some of which include:

● Advertising venues
● Kiosks
● Mobile office units
● Restaurants
● Lounges and terraces
● Stages and performance structures
● Ticket booths
● Merchant stands

That is a short list of options, but we’ve worked on countless units and modifications. We welcome clients who use their ingenuity and come to us to build what they need. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish with your container, Conterm can construct a suitable solution.

Conterm Can Help With Your Shipping Container Needs

If you have any questions about shipping containers for sale, container rental, or shipping container modifications, we invite you to contact Conterm today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your unique requirements.

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