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Applications De Conteneurs Modifiables - Applications Of Modified Containers

The Different Applications of Modified Containers

Whether you’re an individual wanting extra space on your property, a company looking for storage solutions, or an event organizer needing a space, buying or renting a modified shipping container could be one of the best investments you make this year.

Diverse Applications of Modified Containers

Shipping containers are inexpensive, incredibly versatile, portable, and secure. Read on to learn about all the different ways that steel shipping containers can be modified to suit almost any home or business purpose.

Containers as Storage Units

Use your modified shipping container to store anything you like—construction equipment, event merchandise, furniture, boats, farm equipment, auto parts, manufactured goods, plants, art, and more! If you can name it, it’s probably possible.

Our all-steel containers make the ideal storage spaces for several reasons. They are weatherproof and fireproof and can be outfitted with heating and cooling systems to accommodate specific storage needs.

Our containers are also mobile, virtually theft-proof, and versatile, making them ideal for seasonal workers, construction sites, and other places that might require highly secure but temporary areas to store valuables such as tools and equipment. Also, you can optimize your storage space by stacking the containers, keeping them outdoors on your property, or dividing them internally according to specific organizational needs.

Shipping containers may also be used as a kind of mobile warehouse, holding any inventory to be shipped not only by sea, but also truck or rail. And if you’re using them for office storage purposes, you can just load them up and move them “as is” to get your valuables from one place to another. One key bonus of using containers to transport goods is that they’ll be secure from one end to the other, allowing time flexibility if there’s a wait for delivery or unloading.

Containers as Offices

Ever think about setting up a mobile office on your business or even personal property? It’s not only possible but also affordable and quick to assemble with modified shipping containers. Easily customized with large windows and heating and cooling systems, electrical, and insulation, you can design your 10-, 20-, or 40-foot container as a comfortable, secure and completely private workspace.

You may also want to design a larger container with partitions for several team members or combine more than one container to create a series of adjoining rooms. Our containers are also fully mobile and can be equipped with fixed furniture and organizational solutions to move with them.

Are you working with several team members who need separate spaces to work? Or perhaps you’re running events with rotating teams and numerous volunteers? Simply design your container with one or several partitions to create separate office spaces that can be connected via doors and windows.

For event organizers, seasonal businesses or other types of companies that may have seasonal or otherwise varying space and office needs, steel shipping containers could be the ideal solution.

Containers as Gateways or Perimeters

Have you ever thought of using all-steel shipping containers for structures and gateways? These storage units are stackable, so they have the potential to serve more than one purpose at a time. As you set them up on your property, you can also use them to create walls and even multi-storey storage units around the perimeter of a property.

The beauty of modified shipping containers is that you can design them according to spec, and then build them onsite. Or you can have them delivered pre-assembled to be used as a combination storage space, secure shelter, and gateway.

Containers for Construction Sites

Shipping containers offer a weather-resistant, fully secure mobile storage and shelter option that’s ideal for construction companies who may have multiple projects in different phases happening over the course of several months.

Our containers can act as a temporary office, shelter, or meeting space for workers and managers. They’re also secure enough to keep expensive equipment safe overnight and on weekends, with the additional option of placing them around the perimeter of the site for extra security.

We offer a variety of sizes for our mobile storage and office solutions that will help meet your changing needs and easily keep tools and other equipment safe and organized. Simply choose the appropriate container length and let us help you determine the right accessories for your use.

Containers as Pop-up Kiosks

Why choose shipping containers for your pop-up kiosks and other events? There are plenty of reasons and flexible uses for these types of set-ups. You can easily paint and design the structures to be on brand for your own business or a specific event.

Container structures make the ideal kiosk set-up for merchants and other types of businesses because they are the perfect size and shape to only keep what you need for both a one-time or recurring events. Modify doors and windows to design a ticket-selling booth, or create an open-air, light-filled space to be used as a gallery, store, or lounge.

Shipping containers work well for small group activities like workshops, dressing rooms, studios, or even as small restaurants and cafés. From retail to displays, from event spaces to offices, you can use them to store and protect all of your merch, cash, art, and valuables.

Containers-as-kiosks are suitable for one-time, annual or even monthly events and you can use them in all weather and set them up in any desired configuration.

Containers as Restaurants

Restaurateurs have successfully used containers for outdoor seating and food service in a variety of settings. Whether it’s a modified terrace with a view of the river, an upstairs indoor-outdoor lounge-type space, or something more like a café with plenty of doors and windows, they can be modified to suit almost any need.

If you’re interested in incorporating kitchen elements into this space, you can modify your containers for electrical and ventilation needs. They may be a welcome addition for those working out of food trucks who are looking for a backup or more temporary space.

Counter windows can also be added for bar and food service, and café areas can be constructed with permanent table and chair set-ups for better portability. Shipping containers are ideal for combined indoor-outdoor spaces, or areas that are only open seasonally and need to be sealed off from the elements in winter. They’re also extremely easy to keep clean and sanitize.

Unique Designs for Custom Projects

You can easily and quickly construct buildings of all shapes and sizes, and for any purposes from a modified container. And as far as design goes, the possibilities are almost limitless. They may be stacked or added perpendicularly to create more space or height, and walls can be added and taken out as needed. And for those who are looking for a new little getaway space or camping alternative, you can move these containers to remote properties and leave them there unmanned, without worrying about damage or break-ins.

Modified shipping containers have been used in a variety of settings and have been converted into a whole range of structures. Because they are designed in a controlled environment and made of durable steel, they are corrosion-resistant, waterproof, wear-and-tear resistant, and are easy to clean. They have a small environmental footprint and can be constructed in a short period of time.

Steel container spaces and set-ups can be used for many purposes, including:

  • Swimming pools
  • Merchant booths
  • Wellness service centres
  • Private or public lounges
  • Labs and classrooms
  • Classroom additions
  • Gardens and greenhouses
  • Learning centres
  • Art studios and workshops
  • Vacation homes
  • Guesthouses
  • Emergency first aid areas
  • Washroom facilities
  • Outdoor or indoor rest areas

You can transform these containers into anything you want. If you can imagine it, we’ve probably done it!

To Rent or to Buy a Shipping Container

One tough decision you have to make when looking at shipping containers is figuring out what size you would like; equally tough is determining how often you will use them. When you rent a shipping container, you will be offered a size reassessment. This offering is ideal for people preparing events and storage spaces because you may realize towards the end of your planning that you need more space than you initially thought. For this reason, we provide reassessment opportunities and an assortment of container sizes.

It’s also good to know that you can essentially “rent to own” the container, so if you don’t know what type of container you want to buy, you can actually rent one and then if you like it enough, you can buy it later.

When you purchase a container, you can get it modified first, and Conterm offers many designs and features when it comes to customization. We can add doors, partitions, and windows in various configurations as well as full walls, ramps, and locks. You can also install heating and cooling systems. We have plenty of other features to create the ideal set-up for your needs. We will also ship it to you via specialized delivery services, stabilize it, and then make sure its level and properly situated.

Buying or renting shipping containers is one of the most practical solutions for companies with transient storage and customer service needs. Moreover, it can be an excellent solution for a wide array of storage and shelter needs. It’s also a great talking piece for customers visiting your creative workspace.

If you want to learn more about shipping container modification and applications, contact Conterm Containers today for more information!

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