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Storage Containers

Storage Containers: the ideal storage solution for your business.

Storage containers are highly versatile and provide an ideal solution for your storage requirements. Over the years, Conteneurs Conterm Montreal has had the pleasure to sell shipping containers, storage containers and modified containers to a diverse group of clients. Both our new and used shipping containers are often used for storage by a variety of clients including shipping companies, storage operators as well as individuals looking for a safe and secure storage options. This article presents the 4 benefits of using metal shipping containers as a storage facility.

All storage containers are mobile friendly

Our storage containers function as a mobile warehouse. This means that they can be transported by road, rail and ocean. These storage containers are standardized (ISO standard). This means that they are a standard storage transport product and can be handled anywhere throughout the world through ships, trucks, barges, wagons and equipment and can also be stacked one on top of the other. You can easily move your containers with all of storage items inside from one location to another.

All contents within the storage containers are safe and vandal proof

The storage containers are made of non-corrosion steel and are thus safe and vandal proof. The strength and durability of one container alone is extreme and it can only be opened and closed by the seller and buyer. You can securely store a variety of products in this storage container including industrial products and equipment, security storage and farm equipment among many other uses. Our metal containers can also function as an instant warehouse.

You can modify your containers

The storage containers can also be modified to better suit your storage needs. For instance, a West Island Municipality purchased one of our 40 foot shipping containers and then used our modified containers services to divide the main container into 8 individual compartments. Each compartment was used as an independent storage facility. The municipality used the container to provide a safe storage option for its employees where they could security store their tools. The 8 independent compartments provided an individual access to specific storage without having access to the entire container. This particular container provided efficient compartmentalization and organization solution. In addition, this modified shipping container enabled the municipality to optimize the overall storage space while providing quick and easy access to the tools and equipment.

The high quality and durable steel is weather resistant

Whatever is inside your storage container will stay dry and undamaged and all storage containers are weather resistant. They are not only water resistant but hurricane, earthquake, tornado and fire proof; making the purchase of a steel storage container ideal for someone who will be leaving the container outside.

Contact Conterm custom storage containers in Montreal

Conterm’s full range of storage containers can be shipped anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or worldwide. Request a quote on Montreal custom containers or contact us today to learn more about our storage containers and structures.

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