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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

Shipping containers as storage units and warehousing spaces

Since our foundation in 1972, we at Conterm have always had for mission to offer a high quality, personalized service. As a Montreal-based company, we offer the rental of shipping containers that are made of steel and customized to fit the needs of each one of our clients, and this is why we are leaders in the industry. Among our clients, there are construction contractors, auto repair shop owners, manufacturers, cities and municipalities, as well as event organizers.

What all of these professional fields have in common is a great need for storage and warehousing, which Conterm is committed to accommodate, whether the client is based in Montreal, elsewhere in Quebec or even in Ontario. Here’s a quick description of how Conterm shipping containers can be used for storage and warehousing purposes.

On Construction Sites

Construction companies use Conterm steel shipping containers as storage spaces in which they can safely store all the equipment they use on their construction sites. We provide them with secured, customized, and mobile units so that they can be installed right on their construction sites. Moreover, Conterm shipping containers are steel-made, which is an essential quality for construction sites storage, since it is outdoors. Besides, the fact that Conterm containers are mobile makes them easy to move, which is sometimes necessary on construction sites.

In Auto Repair Shops

Conterm containers can also be used to store auto machinery and parts, as well as all the tools used in auto repair shops. Manufacturing companies also use them to store the equipment they need to manufacture their various products. So, whether you are the owner of an auto repair shop or a manufacturing company, Conterm steel shipping containers are the ideal secure storage solution for all your work equipment.

It can be quite costly and it is essential to the operation of your business, since it is necessary for production. It is therefore crucial to store it in a secured location, away from vandals.

For Seasonal Work

Cities and municipalities as well make use of Conterm steel shipping containers to store their workers’ tools and the equipment they use to perform their work. With Conterm waterproof and secured containers, cities and municipalities are assured that the contents are safely stored and protected from bad weather.

That is especially important when it comes to seasonal work since the equipment must be stored away for long consecutive periods and, often, during the harsh Quebec or Ontario winter season.

For Event Management

Surplus inventory is very common in the manufacturing as well as the event industry, and it has to be kept away from intruders and bad weather. Conterm shipping containers are made from non-corrosive steel and are custom-made to ensure that its contents are secured and sheltered from bad weather and unwanted visitors.

With Conterm customized shipping containers, event organizers, among others, know that their inventory is dry and intact. That way, they ensure that no material loss is incurred.

Conterm’s Shipping Containers

Whether you are based in Montreal, elsewhere in Quebec or in Ontario, Conterm will accommodate all your warehousing spaces and storage units needs. The rental of our custom-made steel shipping containers will give you piece of mind on your construction site, in your auto repair shop, in your seasonal workplace, in your manufacturing company, or on the site of the event you are organizing.

For more information on the rental of Conterm containers, please contact us today. One of our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions and needs in regard to secure warehousing spaces and storage units.

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