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Shipping container price is influenced by numerous factors

Shipping container price can fluctuate often. You’ll often hear that shipping containers are an affordable solution for storage or other unique usages such as pop-up shops, concert stages ,restaurants, etc. However, what is affordable to some may not be affordable to others. We have come up with some guidelines that influence storage container prices to help you make the right decision for your project and your budget.

Size and dimensions

The first factor that affects the cost of you shipping container is size. It is a no brainer that a ten foot shipping container will cost less than a forty foot shipping container. Nevertheless, don’t rule out the large option just yet. Large containers can fall into your budget if you consider the age of the container; which leads us into our next price factor.

Age and condition

The age and condition of your container can have impact on your final price. Continuing to elaborate from the example above, there are instances where a smaller brand new shipping container will be a bit more expensive than a larger older container. Now you’re probably thinking ‘why would I want an older container over a new one?’ If you’re going to use the container for storage rather than for display why spend the extra capital when you can purchase a functional used metal container. Nonetheless, some older containers do make for interesting stages and booth for outdoor concerts. Make sure to read our article on customizing shipping containers.

Transportation and shipping

Another factor that can easily be overlooked is the transportation of your shipping container. Depending on the size and the distance your container needs to travel before reaching its final destination, you might end up spending more in shipping than the container itself. This is something to keep in mind when ordering your container, if you are able to come and pickup the container yourself, the final shipping container price can be less.

Custom made containers

The extent of customization that you would like to have will affect the shipping container price. Now, be aware we’re not just talking about adding your logo to the container. We’re talking about full conversion of your shipping container into a pop up shop, restaurant, concert stage and much more. Depending on the customizations requested, along with all the other factors we have mentioned in this article, they can affect the final price of your shipping container project.

Buying or renting a shipping container

The other big question you need to ask yourself is buying a storage container or renting a storage container. Make sure you have some foresight before purchasing. If you plan to have multiple uses for your container or you plan to have it customized for your brand you might consider purchasing your shipping container since it will become a great asset for your company.

Shipping container price influenced by supply and demand

It is also important to understand that global supply and demand for shipping containers has an important effect on their prices. When world leading economies and global trade are growing, global shipping companies have a strong demand for shipping containers. This important demand puts a premium on existing shipping containers and their prices inevitable go up. On the other hand, when the global economies are contracting, global trade typically decreases as well. This increases supply and availability of container and tends to lower a given shipping container price.

The shipping container price can be influenced by numerous factors. If you have any questions about buying a shipping container or renting a mental container, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to go over your custom shipping container needs and propose our best recommendation.


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