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Shipping Containers Modifications

Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping container modifications are limitless. Are you looking for new and innovative options for storage or events? Have you ever considered purchasing or even renting a steel shipping container for storage, business, home or special occasion purposes? If you’re curious about this option, please keep reading – you’ll be astounded by the many opportunities that Shipping container modifications can offer.

What makes shipping containers so useful?

Think a shipping container is just a box? Think again. These days there are plenty of things you can do with them, and they can be customized for almost any type of look and feel that you could want to fit your personal or public image.

Shipping containers are the ideal long-term solution for many needs since they are movable, stackable, secure, and they virtually last forever.

How are shipping containers used?

Shipping containers are not just for shipping! These units are incredibly versatile and can be used in many ways over the course of a lifetime or even over a single year of events. Use them in any season or for any reason, and protect your valuables and staff from the elements. In fact, many people have even converted them into living spaces!

Shipping Containers for Storage

Lots of people use them as part of their home or businesses to store boats, recreational vehicles, or anything at all. Steel containers are great for storage of valuable, large goods because they are spacious, entirely weatherproof, and secure. They can protect against water damage, humidity, wind, rain, and fire. They also come fully set up which means there is no assembly required; you only need it delivered.

Shipping Containers for Events

You’ve probably been at an event that used a shipping container and not even realized it because they can be transformed to look both elegant and modern.

Here are some event-based situations where you can use a container:

  • Shelter
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Ticket booth
  • Sound booth
  • Washrooms
  • Offices
  • Instrument storage
  • Visual art exhibits
  • Workshops
  • Pop-up stores

Steel shipping containers are great for events because they offer secure, overnight protection for your cash, tickets, merchandise and so on, so you can feel confident about leaving your valuables onsite. For multi-day events, this means you don’t have to worry about set-up and take-down as you would with a tent or table. Plus, containers are portable.

Unlike a tent, shed or table, your steel shipping container will not break or bend when facing the elements, and in fact, can withstand even the most intense weather events.

These impressive little spaces can also convert into offices, outdoor/indoor lounges; whatever you can dream up, we can probably make it happen.

Let’s explore some of the exciting and unique modifications that are possible today.

Shipping Container Modifications

We make our containers practical and modern-looking by offering plenty of shipping container modifications. We provide not just cosmetic changes like painting and logos, but we can also add electricity, insulation, both heat and air conditioning as well as structural changes like partitions and doors.

Here are a few details about modifications that we regularly make.

Roll-up doors

There are many options for our weather-resistant roll-up doors that can be installed on any part of your container and come in numerous sizes.

Want an airy feel on both sides that allows your customers to have ample opportunity to view and interact with your wares? We can put several doors on each long side so customers can come right in and browse.

We can also add just one roll-up door that takes up most of a single side to create the perfect service counter for bars, restaurants, and ticket or merchandise sales. Use the longer sides of the container if you want to display more on the back.

Roll-up doors are a great option because they are safe and easy to lock at the end of a day. You can also combine your doors with inside partitions if you’re looking to have a space that can accommodate different functions or offer multiple staff members a little more privacy.


If your container is going to be welcoming guests, but you don’t need a lot of separation, you’re going to want a little daylight coming in. Adding a few windows will give the illusion of a bigger space. Just choose the size that you want (from the standard dimensions), and we’ll install them for you.

You can choose from sliding windows, full-size sliding doors, or even skylights. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way to increase the visual space, and bars can be added for extra security if you need it.

Garage Doors

Outfitting your container with garage doors is essential if you’re using it as a large-scale storage facility and you can add more than one if you like. Ramps can be added to make your shipping container more accessible for boats, cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters and any vehicle you need to accommodate.

Man Doors

Just like our other modifications, man doors of any standard size can be placed in any part of the container that you choose. They can be used as an exterior entry or as interior doors if you install them into partitions. If you’re purchasing multiple containers, you can add them between the units to create a thoroughfare.

We can install man doors made out of steel, wood, glass, or other materials. If you need help choosing a door, please feel free to consult us, and we’ll help you find the right size and material for your needs. You may also use different types of doors in the same container, and create an entry with customized finish or color.


Looking to use a container for more than one purpose? No problem – all we’ll do is add a metal, wood, plywood, or even partition in the container to create separate rooms. We can add a door between units if you want to purchase two containers and have them be entirely separate but connected via a doorway.

Electrical Updates

If you’re installing a container on your property for storage, occasional shed, or alternate garage use, you may need electrical options.

We’ll happily equip your container with indoor or outdoor electrical connections as well as installing the infrastructure for Wi-Fi, outlets, lights, heating, cooling, and speakers. We can do it all – tell us your vision, and we’ll figure out how to make it work!

If you’re using your container to store expensive or sensitive items, we can help you update your space to maintain that the right temperature and humidity levels.

Shelving & Racking

Upon purchasing your shipping container, you’ll have the option to customize it both inside and out. For the interior, you can add paint, custom flooring, modern furniture and a few well-placed windows, and you’ve got yourself any room you want from a cozy lounge to a portable office space. And best of all, with this organizational option, you won’t have to worry about hauling around too much extra shelving to keep everything in order because we can have that built-in.

In smaller spaces like a storage container, organization techniques can take a little extra innovation, and we can do that for you. Even if you only want it for a simple room, we can add shelves and racks of all sizes to help you arrange your belongings, store your valuables, and keep everything in check. Using shelves in your space provides both style and function.

Paint & Decal

When it comes to appearance and brand consistency, we can alter your container to make sure it accurately represents the impression you want to achieve with your business. We’ll not only make sure that the inside is comfortable and well-suited to your needs, but we can also add paint, logos and other features to the outside to make sure that it reflects your company’s personality.

We’ve done some pretty interesting modifications to containers – take a look at some of our photos for examples of spectacular designs and unique uses.

Steel Shipping Containers as a Practical and Sustainable Option

Steel containers have a long life and are highly resistant to the elements. You can use them for different personal or business uses over the course of a lifetime. You can buy them now and modify later, or even rent them if you’re looking for temporary space solutions.

At Conterm, we offer numerous shipping container modifications. We can help you find the ideal shipping container for your unique needs, and then tailor it to a specific look and feel that matches your brand if you’re a business. Also, if you want a container for home storage use, we can still modify it to make it more functional and attractive than you could imagine!

Steel shipping containers are genuinely one of the best and most versatile addition to your home, office or events business. If you would like to learn more about shipping container modifications, we invite you to contact us today.

Our team is more than happy to give you more information and answer any questions.


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