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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

Modified Containers Tend To Be Most Popular in Coastal Cities

Modified containers specialist Conterm has been a leader in providing customizable metal shipping containers for the event management industry for a number of years. We take great pride in helping the very distinct needs of our clients through the use of our modified container services. We’ve witnessed an increasing pattern we believe is worth talking about. Modified containers are becoming more and more popular among coastal cities like Montreal, Quebec City, Vancouver and Halifax. Below, we elaborate on three major points that reflect this observation.

1. Coastal Ports are developed for the shipping and delivery of modified containers

The major commercial ports in Canada are spread throughout British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. These ports include Port Metro Vancouver, Port of Victoria, Prince Rupert Port Authority, Port of Montreal, Port of Quebec, St. Lawrence Seaway, Port of Halifax and Oshawa Port Authority. All these ports are within a coastal city and are ports that were developed specifically for shipping and trade industries. These ports are operated by either federal, provincial, municipal or private authorities that facilitate loading and unloading of large shipments, predominantly shipping containers. These shipping industries provide a natural environment to acquire shipping metal containers that can be used and adapted to a variety of requirements including customization for events taking place along the coast of these cities.

2. Companies in coastal cities are able to quickly deliver large shipments and shipping containers to clients

Since these ports are developed and therefor legally established trade routes, coastal cities enable companies to quickly send their modified containers to their clients and receive new containers from their suppliers. This is mostly due to the fact that trade ports like Vancouver, Montreal and Halifax all have impressive container handling terminals that are specialised in moving bulk commodities or shipping containers.

3. Coastal cities attract a greater number of tourists, host bigger events, and stimulate demand for modified containers

Costal cities are popular destinations for cruises and tend to have more developed tourism industries. During peak summer tourist seasons, coastal cities like Montreal organize an important number of cultural events and world class shows like the International Jazz Festival, the F1 Grand Prix and many others. These events create a natural demand for creative and futuristic structures that need to be both robust yet highly customizable. Structures that can be easily moved from one location to another, withstand heat, wind and rain as well as provide highly secured storage space. Modified metal containers are ideal structures to accommodate these requirements.

Custom Event Containers in Montreal

Conterm’s full range of temporary portable custom containers can be shipped anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or worldwide. To learn more about our modified containers as well as our shipping containers for sale, we invite you to contact our Montreal shipping container office today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your custom event containers requirements.

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