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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

Metal modified containers from Conterm at Montreal’s top summer events

Metal modified containers are ideal for numerous outdoor events and concerts. Built with steal, the shipping containers are solid, secure and water resistant yet lightweight and portable. Conterm’s shipping containers come in different sizes ranging from small (10 feet) to large (40 feet) in length. We can modify all containers to custom specifications and unique brand images.

Outdoor concerts and events provide very different experiences from the regular inside concert halls. Being outside, provides plenty of room and fresh air. However, organizers of outdoor events, as well as different merchants, face unique challenges ranging from creating secure storage areas for merchandise and shops to building viewing platforms, terraces and lounges where attendees can relax, eat, drink and mingle.

Metal modified containers

Conterm solves these issues for outdoor concerts, and events. We provide interesting solutions in innovative ways of bringing the stage, merchant booths, lounge areas, ticket offices and more to numerous types of venues We offer steel shipping containers which we modify and tailor to the unique needs, situations and specifications.

The event organizers and merchants feel safe knowing their equipment, inventory, and merchandise is safe behind locked doors at night and protected in case of bad weather.

During this spring and summer, Conterm will provide custom metal modified containers to the following four internationally renown events in Montreal.

C2 Montreal

This event is three days of total excitement linking progressive innovators and creators from all points in the world together. If you are looking for exhibits and trading booths, you should look for another venue because C2 Montreal is all about reinventing the way businesses interact with visionaries in the business world. It’s unpredicted and it will take you miles away from the ordinary.

The forward thinkers behind C2 Montreal are the driving force of this non-profit organization and each year they participate in what has become known as a tremendous multicultural and intellectual event. Those in attendance will explore a variety of stimulating and non-traditional experiences aimed at developing leadership qualities. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain knowledge from prominent guest speakers, immerse themselves in inspirational Boot Camps, collaborate with like minds in dynamic workshops, outlining the relationships between creativity and commerce. Dates for this event are May 24 – 26, 2017 in Montreal at the Arsenal Art Gallery.

The Montreal Jazz Festival

According to the Guinness World Records, the Montreal Jazz Fest is the largest jazz festival in the world and is best known for welcoming music fans from across the globe. Over the past 30 years, this event has evolved to include over 3,000 blues, soul, pop, Cuban, R ’n’ B, African, rock, reggae purist and jazz musicians from over 30 countries. The jazz festival easily entices around two million visitors each year with the expectations of seeing their favorite artists on stage. It’s 10 days of nothing but raw excitement and uncontained anticipation spread from one attendee to the next. The festivities begin June 28 and go until July 8, 2017, with opening performances scheduled on the 27th of June and closes on the 9th of July.

Just for Laughs – HaHaHa Productions

HaHaHa productions don’t make artists or tracks. The “music” they make is often high pitched and strictly for laughs and busting guts. The comedians who perform at the festival use their personal feelings, lives and opinions, but mainly poke fun at others, to make others laugh out loud. Sometimes festival goers claim they simultaneously experience jaw pain and tears after only a few hours in attendance. That’s the verbal power of comedians like Kevin Hart, Jerry Seinfeld, Gad Elmaleh, Sugar Sammy and numerous other world renown comedians delivering riveting pantomimes which millions of listeners pay to see each year. Montreal Just for Laughs festival runs form July 12-31, 2017.


Les FrancoFolies de Montreal, established in 1989, is among one of the largest music festivals seen and heard in Quebec. The two-week festival (June 8-18, 2017) features over 1,000 global performers and more than a half million tickets are sold, although numerous popular performances are at no charge to the viewers. Festival goers can see the various artists on different stages in the around the Place des Arts as well as in the neighboring theaters.

What makes FrancoFolies stand out from the crowd? The pop, folk, punk, rock and hip-hop music genres are primarily sung in French or performed by artists from the “Francophone countries.”

Conterm’s Privileged

Since the early ‘70s, Conterm has modified containers and supplied shipping containers for major global and local brands. Our metal modified containers are robust, secured, customizable yet highly portable. If you have any questions about modified containers, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about shipping containers and review your custom containers needs.

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