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Modified Containers - Conteneurs Modifiés

Conterm containers are versatile and have numerous uses

Conterm’s shipping containers can meet a multitude of needs and be adapted to many types of projects. The great number of modifications they allow makes them the perfect structure, whatever use you wish to make of them. Conterm’s modified steel containers can be transformed in a way as to become storage units, pop-up shops or restaurants, offices, outdoor stages, multimedia stations, ticket booths, commercial kiosks, and even houses! There is no doubt that, whatever your needs may be, Conterm’s steel containers are the perfect structures for your next project. To maximize practicality, we can add roll-up doors, windows, partitions, or even garage doors; for your comfort, we can insulate the container and add to it an electrical as well as a heating and/or air conditioning system; and, finally, for your esthetic needs, we can paint it and add to It your company logo, as to combine the pleasant with the useful.


The versatility of our containers allows us to transform them into many different types of structures. For example, by simply adding a metal roll-up door to the container, we can transform it into your very own self-storage unit. But if you wish to take maximum advantage of the storage area and create many independent storage units, then we could, if the container’s size allows it, add many roll-up doors as well as partitions, in order to create many small storage units. In fact, roll-up doors can be added to any of the four exterior walls of the container.


But storage spaces are not the only type of facilities we can create from our containers. Conterm containers can also be transformed into garages designed for the storage of snowmobiles, All Terrain Vehicles, motorcycles, construction equipment and much more. We could add a garage door to your container in order to create a secure storage space, safe from both bad weather and intruders, since our containers are made of steel, in addition to being waterproof.



However, Conterm maritime containers are more than just storage spaces: they can also be transformed into offices and even houses. These two types of structures are synonymous with comfort and that’s why, at Conterm, we can completely insulate the container, in addition to installing an electrical system and a heating and/or air conditioning system. Our polyurethane foam insulation insures the comfort of every person working or living inside the structure, just like in any regular office or house. Our insulation is also synonymous with energy saving, and therefore, money saving, since it allows to save on heating and on air conditioning. So that means that your container will include electricity, heating, power outlets and air conditioning. Moreover, if you wish your facility to consist of many distinct rooms, but don’t want to have to go outside every time you wish to enter another room, then you should know that, at Conterm, we can add to your container communicating partitions, which will allow you to have individual rooms, accessible from within the container.



Practicality and comfort are essential features of a living or a work space, but that doesn’t mean that one should overlook the esthetic aspect of it. At least, that’s what we, at Conterm, think, and that’s why we offer many types of modifications allowing you to give your container the desired appearance. We can add to your container regular windows, but for a more unique look, we can also turn almost an entire wall of the container into a window; or we could even add a skylight directly on the container’s roof.


As for the exterior of the structure, we can paint its surfaces with the color of your choice, as we offer a great selection of colors. Painting the container will make it look unique, in addition to making it look newer.


And as for businesses, in addition to these esthetic features, we can also add a logo to the structure’s facade, in order to show the business’s colors and to harmonize the scenery. If the business in question sells or uses food products, then the fact that our containers can be air-conditioned insures the freshness as well as the safety of the said products.


Conterm Containers

So for any project you wish to start and whatever your specific needs may be, at Conterm, we can offer you the ideal structure in terms of practicality, comfort and esthetics. Wether you need a storage space, a garage to store your recreational vehicles or your construction equipment, an office, a store, or even a house, at Conterm, we can modify your container according to your needs and taste.

Contact us today to know more about Conterm’s modified containers, one of our representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

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