Service and Delivery

Mobile trailers service and delivery. We at Conterm understand the importance of timely service in minimizing the risk of costly and inconvenient delays. We make every effort to conform to your timing requirements and more importantly, to honour our commitments.

Delivery and Setup

We have a qualified and professional delivery staff whose job it is to ensure that your mobile office or container is on time and safely positioned.

At Conterm, safety is a top priority. We make sure that our drivers follow both our own and our client’s best practice safety policies. Our goal is to minimize the risk of delay due to equipment failure and employee injuries.

Our team will block and level the unit and install balconies and stairs. We take full responsibility for the proper functioning of all electrical distribution and devices delivered with the trailer. The client is responsible for proper electrical and service hook-ups.

We also offer relocation services to safely and quickly move your trailer or container to another location on the site or to another job site, saving you time and disruption. Our staff adheres to the same standards in relocations as for the original delivery and setup.

Options Trailer Equipment

If you would like to further develop your portable office space to accommodate your distinct needs, optional office trailer features that can be added include planning tables and 6’ and 8’ folding tables if you’re working on a construction/architectural site. We also provide air conditioning units, desk and lunch tables, office and folding chairs, benches as well as filing cabinets.

Conterm’s full range of temporary portable custom containers can be shipped anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or worldwide. To learn more about our mobile office trailers for sale, we invite you to contact us today. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and help you with your portable office trailer requirements.